what is MONAT products

what is MONAT products

MONAT Enters the Asia Pacific Market with a BANG

Everyone is asking ‘What is MONAT’ it’s all over their facebook feed – people talking about the founders shares on Instagram – this opportunity for men and woman in 8 countries world wide – just keep on expanding

Today, MONAT offers products in 3 different categories for your everyday life

  1. Hair health, hair regrowth, restoration and styling
  2. Skin care / Body care
  3. Inner wellness products

By using MONAT luxury plant based products you can be assured

  • that you are using cruelty free
  • no animal testing
  • no hidden nasty ingredients
  • safe fragrances for the entire family
  • MONAT products are independent lab tested
  • plant based products
  • Vegan products
  • they are gluten free products

The company itself supports small businesses.

If you are wondering what is MONAT doing for you and your family – jump on over and do the hair quiz or skin care quiz to see what products are suitable for you!

Do the hair quiz!


Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

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