what is Monat going to do after my first wash

what is Monat going to do after my first wash

When we use a new shampoo – it’s likely we will notice an immediate difference in our hair. The last shampoo I used I had drastic results – I was less than impressed.

  1. Flaking scalp
  2. Itchy red blotches on the hair line
  3. Dry straw like feel to my hair
  4. Lack of lusture
  5. Reduced wave
  6. Unmanageable hair
  7. Life time of bad hair days in a row

Needless to say I was absolutely beside myself with excitement when I ordered Monat – I was counting down the days for it to arrive! The first thing I did was take a before photo of my hair. Besides the 80’s wave I had going on at the front – my hair was drab, dull and had next to no curl. Usually my hair is curly, wavy and full of body. Feels like straw at the best of times but it has wave and I can curl it between my fingers until fairly recently anyway.

So when I went in for my first wash with the Effortless Style System, I followed the directions as best as I could. I’m naturally inclined to care for our environment so I am particular about the ingredients of the products I use and also about saving water.

The label on the shampoo says to leave it on the hair for 2-3 minutes. I squirted the required amount of shampoo onto my hands and rubbed my hands together. I immediately noticed how this product is super concentrated just by rubbing it between my hands. Using a little bit of water will help it lather – but not too much because we don’t want to wash any of the product off the hands before getting it into our hair. This is my first wash so I lathered it up on my head – left it for the required amount of time while I washed and exfoliated the rest of my body while the water was still running. As I rinsed it out I noticed my hair was squeaky clean. I could hear it as I ran my hands through it. So just for fun and because it was my first wash – I washed my hair again with a little less shampoo than I used the first time- woah! Lucky I used less because it foamed up like crazy! I couldn’t believe it. I left the water running while I had the shampoo in my hair and cleaned the inside of the shower with a scrubber. Next time I wash I will use less shampoo because of how much it lathers up – I was amazed.

When I rinsed out the second dose of shampoo, I noticed my hair was even squeakier that the first time – I became super excited about using the conditioner because I’ve only heard about the moisturizing properties of this product and I’m hoping for a miracle for the head of straw I started with.what is monat

When applying the conditioner – the recommended leave in time is around 5 minutes. I’m sure we will all agree that 5 minutes is a long time to run water in the shower – especially if you are already clean – so when I applied the conditioner – I switched off the water of the shower and shaved my legs.

On the back of the bottle it suggests to apply the conditioner to hair that is toweled dry. It’s definitely important to make sure you have squeezed as much water as possible out of your hair. You’ll appreciate making the most of the ‘leave in time’ with the conditioner because the longer you leave it in the more you will love your hair later.

So another option to pass the 5 minutes could be:

  1. Dry off your body
  2. Wear a robe around your body
  3. Towel dry the hair slightly
  4. Apply the conditioner
  5. Wash the dishes, load the dishwasher or put the laundry on
  6. Go back to the shower and rinse

Doing it this way gives you flexibility to move around the house and do something else for the 5 minutes of conditioning – it’s absolutely worth the time you leave the conditioner on for the desired effect you will love afterwards I really recommend it. I waited the full 5 minutes and I’m delighted with the results.

I wrapped my hair up in a towel turban to wick out as much water as possible. When I opened the towel and let my hair down I couldn’t believe it – not only did my hair not fall back into it’s usual ‘part’ to one side, I noticed that all the way around my head the wave and curl that I thought I had lost – was back! WOW! I made a video about it straight away.

Once my hair was completely dry and because it was my first wash – I needed a little more moisture so my hairdresser (who recommended Monat to me) suggested I use a couple of squirts of leave in conditioner – or the Rejuvenique oil blend to smooth it out a bit more. My hair is like straw so I had already anticipated this when I ordered the product. Rejuvenique Intensive Oil Treatment was a no brainer purchase for me – it’s so versatile I can use it on my face, neck and decolletage – I’ve made another post about it because this product totally deserves it’s own air time.

what is monat hair care

So once I applied the leave in conditioner I was completely satisfied with my first experience with Monat. I know it will take time to restore my hair to resemble hair – so I am patient with the time it may take to do this. I had no idea I would have such great results so quickly – especially that I no longer have to use jojoba oil to weigh my hair down with.

The morning after washing my hair is always a little sketchy. Usually I would be horrified when I see my self in the mirror because I can’t stand how the pillow styles my hair. Well, do I have news for you. The following day after washing my hair with Monat – I did not get a fright when I looked in the mirror. I was delighted with how it looked. Yes, I had way more body in my hair so it was a little ‘higher’ than usual – but it wasn’t frightening.

I’m happy to say I’ve replaced fright with delight and it’s only my first wash!!!

The red blotches aren’t there at the moment – it’s only day one after the first wash so I’ll let you know what happens there. The flaking scalp isn’t a problem today. There was no stinging on the raw skin when I used Monat and it’s fair to say my scalp was in terrible condition. Any shampoo would make it sting because of the raw patches. I didn’t experience any stinging what so ever with the Monat Smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

I do have a couple of sample packs I bought of the Intense Repair line of products. I bought the Intense repair shampoo and conditioner sample packs to give them ago. I will wait a few washes before I try those ones because I really want to see how the smoothing one works for me first – this is what my hairdresser recommended so I’m going with it. I also bought the rejuvabeads for my split ends. I will wait another couple of washes before trying these things. I want to give you my most honest results with using as minimum product as possible so you can try it for yourself.

What’s going on with your hair?

Do you have straw hair too?

What would you like to change about your hair?

What qualities do you love about your head of hair?

Feel free to share your experience below – we can see what products will work for you based on the condition of your hair and the end result you have in mind. There’s something for everyone. I’m looking forward to the extra hair growth and thickening that eventuates from using any of the Monat natural hair care products – I look forward to the same results for you!

Hair Analysis For Natural Hair Product Samples

Hair Analysis For Natural Hair Product Samples

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