what is Monat doing for the safety of animals

what is Monat doing for the safety of animals

As you probably already know – Monat does not test on animals – they are committed to the safety of the living creatures on the planet therefor they choose for the product to be completely aligned with nature and do not harm or use animals in the testing of their product.

What is Monat

Considering that most human beings have been using product on themselves that contain chemicals that have not been tested for human safety – most people haven’t actually checked what is contained in the products they use on their pets. We all want the best for out little furry family so Monat is very proud to announce the launch of a new line of product for your pets.

This has been working well for the people in the business of dog grooming. Everyone wants the best for their pet – so instead of using the ‘stock standard’ approach – Savvy groomers are offering this pet wash with a surcharge and the K9’s family are absolutely loving the results and choosing the pet wash over the ‘usual’ – because

everyone wants the best for their pet

Imagine what this is doing for the pet groomers. They are coming out on top by making more than 300% profit on one bottle of shampoo. This is the feedback we are getting on this product. I’ll be doing an interview with a dog grooming company in my area who are using the Monat pet wash and you can hear the results for yourself

Stay tuned for my lives on facebook in the Monatmosphere and also the uploads to my YouTube channel!
If you would like to order this pet wash for yourself you can direct message me to my inbox with the contact form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours of your message


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