what is Monat doing for hair during pregnancy

what is Monat doing for hair during pregnancy

Hair during pregnancy is usually thicker and healthier than any other time in a woman’s life.  The hair we wear postpartum is quite often the opposite. Recently there has been one single misleading blog post online (which somehow developed some traction) with regard to Monat and spontaneous miscarriage. I’m here to set the record straight with a couple of facts (which is more than that other misleading article had to offer) – and before we get started – I have used this product for 2 years – I believe in the product. I don’t sell it because it is not available in Australia at this time. Miscarriage is more likely to happen from patting a cat than washing your hair.

FACT: Monat is known for amazing results.
FACT: Correlation is not causation!
FACT: Monat is a scientifically formulated product
FACT: Monat is a natural product
FACT: Monat didn’t need to reformulate the product to enter the UK market
FACT: No one has had a spontaneous abortion from washing their hair

Just so we can get things clear – this report came from just one person on the planet and it wasn’t the person who experienced said miscarriage – it was someone who knows someone who had a miscarriage.

Some people call these kinds of false accusations slander. Especially considering the miscarriage itself it wasn’t confirmed by any source except someone who knows someone who says they washed their hair and had a miscarriage so they blame it on the shampoo.

Can this even be true? We will never know.

This is the internet and people can talk a lot of hot air online and based on scientific evidence, this smack talk and slander isn’t even true. What is the world coming to?

What is Monat going to do when it comes unrealistic problems or slanderous accusations toward their product?

  • They will continue to present more and more and more evidence of the test results from independent labs to compile scientific proof against these outrageous and slanderous claims.
  • They will continue to provide a high quality natural product that achieves great results for majority of the people on the planet
  • They will maintain their positive outlook and celebrate the millions of lives that have been changed for the better since using this miraculous product!

What is Monat doing for pregnant women? The same thing it does for everyone else who has tried and loves Monat! Revitalizes and rejuvenates hair of all types. Monat maintains healthy and lustrous, shiny hair!

Women usually enjoy great hair when they are pregnant and this is no exception!
Monat helps all the pregnant women enjoy their hair even more!

Monat is a Natural Product

Monat was formulated by scientists who know what they are doing when it comes to combining ingredients to create an effective natural product. Effective and Natural aren’t often used to describe a shampoo – in my experience they were one or the other.

what is monatMy organic lifestyle went out the window when it came to my hair. Using ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products caused my hair to be dry like straw or clumpy and weird. I hadn’t ever found a product that I enjoyed using, that actually worked. This scientifically formulated range of hair care has been changing the lives for millions of people in 3 countries across 2 continents.

Monat did not need to be reformulated to enter the UK market.
This is a huge win for Monat and a testament towards a high quality natural product!

People Have All Kinds Of Problems

Some people don’t have as much success as others when it comes to conception. This is a known fact. Some women have more than one miscarriage before they are able to carry a baby to full term. The miscarriage happens more often within the first 3 months – or the first trimester. There are many reasons this can occur.

  • Stress
  • Excessive or strenuous exercise
  • Genetic factors
  • Infection
  • Chromosome abnormalities
  • Thyroid problems
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug use

With a little more research in the google machine, you will find that Shampoo is not a known reason for the miscarriage of a baby…

Miscarriage – The Facts

Miscarriage is unfortunate for the mother and father who wish to have a baby. Miscarriages don’t usually happen just once in a woman’s life. When a woman has experienced miscarriage there is 5% risk that she will have 2 in a row. Unfortunately, miscarriage is quite common, effecting between 10% and 20% of women in the world. The risk begins to increase after age 30. Women over 40 have a 45% greater risk of miscarriage.

Food, lifestyle, chemical exposure, tissue rejection and radiation all have a significant impact on a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. There are many other factors that can cause a miscarriage.

You’re guaranteed to discover that Monat Shampoo isn’t one of them.

Do Your Research!

It’s a traumatic experience to have a miscarriage. No one wishes it upon anyone. Pregnancy should be a happy time in any partnership – however this isn’t always the case. The risks of miscarriage is real and it is common across the world. Miscarriage is the main reasons that the joy of pregnancy may not be shared with anyone than the father of the baby within the first trimester – it is known that a risk of the pregnancy terminating in this first trimester is possible. It is common that people would only announce their pregnancy at the beginning of the second trimester for this reason.

Wikipedia has a lot of information to share about the risks and more information about what the world knows about miscarriage. Reading the worlds of a real encyclopedia should ease your mind – there is not a scrap of evidence in wikipedia or any other official pregnancy blog that would have suggest that a shampoo could cause a baby to be aborted.

There are many official resources online to educate yourself and others about the risks of miscarriage.

For the 3 minutes we leave our shampoo and conditioner on our hair – it seems like a long shot that a hair product could cause a miscarriage.

what is monatThe person who says they had a spontaneous abortion after washing their hair is completely unknown. No one knows who this person is – some one who knows someone knows someone who had a miscarriage.

The lifestyle of this person and other contributing factors were not were not analyzed. It was a blanket claim made by someone who knows someone who knows someone who had a miscarriage.

This writer is a lifestyle editor and review person for an unpopular blog – she generated more traffic to her website by slandering Monat. Not everyone is aware that writing hot topics about scams is going to get traction online – everyone loves a good drama. So the Monat ‘scam’ has definitely become a hot topic in 2019 for bloggers and self proclaimed YouTube influencers to get more hits or views to their website or channel. I have 12 years experience in this online industry – please reach out of you would like to know some ways to get more hits and views on your website or youtube channel without the need to stoop to slander or scams.

There are many other contributing factors to our lifestyle that are more cause for concern – Hair dye, nail polish and nail polish remover are just a couple you might consider. Obesity and smoke inhalations from cigarettes or even ingesting foods with contamination may also be the cause of miscarriage. Listeriosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella are the name of a few toxicities we should all avoid during pregnancy.

It’s worth doing your research. Miscarriage is more likely to happen from patting a cat than washing your hair

Correlation Is Not Causation!

True claims can not be made about anything unless there is real proof.

Absurd claims that a fetus could be aborted from the body is completely absurd. For me to even write about it feels ridiculous – I’m committed to setting the record straight and will provide the science and link it to this article. For now, I want to share that the claim has zero proof and to be frank, even if Monat had some kind of toxic chemical in it – the chemical would need a long time to build up in the body before it has an adverse effect.

The trans-dermal application of a non toxic product will not cause miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

It’s just not possible.

Give yourself some credit for your inner knowings and recognize that you are smarter than these people with keyboard warrior like powers on the internet.

You make your own decisions – you know deep inside what the real truth is and how ridiculous it sounds when someone says they had a miscarriage after they washed their hair. As a reminder, we didn’t even hear it from the horses mouth, so we have no idea of the contributing factors that the mystery woman may have been playing out in her ever day life. Was she an alcoholic? Maybe she is a pack a day smoker? Maybe she’s been emptying the cat litter tray. Who knows…

Perhaps she works at a uranium disposal plant?
We will never know…

So for anyone who is making a ridiculous claim or choosing if they will believe a ridiculous claim (this is applicable to any claim) Correlation is not causation! This means if 2 things ‘happen to occur at the same time’ – it doesn’t mean one caused the other.

It’s preposterous to believe ridiculous claims. If a claim sound ridiculous when you read them out loud, they probably aren’t true. Besides – do you really believe everything you read on the internet?

Don’t get swept up in the nonsense!

Take back your power and stay strong in your decisions and what feels good for you.
Don’t get caught in the hype.

We were born to enjoy every day on the planet. We were born to have great hair. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams or great hair!

I’m with you all the way!

Blessings to you and your cute head with love from Karsha x


Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

4 thoughts on “what is Monat doing for hair during pregnancy

  1. This is by far the best article and blog with facts and just common sense about shampoo and this topic of miscarriage while using shampoo. Thank you for writing this and sharing your knowledge! People need to use their heads when making a choice about hair care! This product is amazing!

    1. Dear Angela. You’re absolutely right!

      Since writing this article I have been approached by several women, each with their own experiences about pregnancy while using Monat products. Of course they all have happy healthy little babies.

      I’m so delighted to share this product because it changed my life! Through the power of the internet and building relationships we can be the catalyst for change in other peoples lives as well. Having a lifetime of bad hair days was detrimental to my well being. I know there are other people on the planet that feel this way too. I look forward to helping as many people as possible because I truly believe that if Monat can work for me – it can work for anyone. My mission is to empower the planet – one head of hair at a time! It is an amazing product! Thankyou for sharing your experience!!

      This won’t be the last time I write about this subject so I will be sure to comment here on this post when I have more to share about Monat / Pregnancy and miscarriage.

      Thank YOU so much for making the time to stop by and share your view about this topic!
      Infinite blessings to you Angela! Love From Karsha xx

  2. Although I totally agree that there is no causation here, please check your information on miscarriages in general. It is a myth that stress alone causes miscarriage. Also wikipedia is not a reliable source.

    1. Thankyou Lilly! You’re right about wikipedia being a completely unreliable source and you are totally right – my experience with miscarriage is going to be completely different to yours or the next person. Miscarriage is still a birth so blessings to all the mothers that have been though this experience or who are going through it right now – it is absolutely heart breaking and I am here to support. Thankyou so much for joining me here to contribute and share your insights Lilly, I wish you the very best. Love Karsha xx

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