what is Monat doing about safety with science

what is Monat doing about safety with science

Monat’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable. Many other brands on the market also recognize the power of botanical oils, so how is Monat any different? The answer is in the carefully selected ingredients included in their rich formulations that make these naturally-based ingredients work together in harmony to provide a superior product that does what it is designed to do!

what is monat

The Monat Mission For Quality

The Scientific Board for Monat Global was created with commitment to quality, integrity, safety for the customers and superior product development in mind. Strict guidelines were in place to ensure only the best members were selected. The scientific board works at the corporate office alongside the company executives to ensure all practices are aligned with the Monat philosophy. The combination of ingredients used are nourishing to the skin and body to provide exceptional and lasting results.

Monat natural hair products were formulated and produced using the latest scientific technologies and clinically proven proprietary ingredients. Monat is a carefully crafted collaboration of science and nature. These features are what allows the Monat product to provide an unparalleled and unique age prevention hair and skin care experience. The board is committed to excellence in maintaining our current line and developing new products.

The Commitment To Excellence

The commitment to excellence in maintaining the present range of products means Monat Global ensures all ingredients are at the highest standard expected by the executives and the Scientific Board and primarily the customers. In the event that circumstances involving the suppliers have the potential to affect the standards, Monat will always choose the course of action that protects the integrity of the formulas and ensures the quality of the products.

In the unforeseen circumstance that key ingredients are no longer available from a supplier, difficult decisions must be made if a product is to be retired from the current range. Quality ingredients are part of the commitment of excellence, therefor, if a standard is not able to be maintained the decision to retire a product from the range is inevitable.

This has occurred recently with the S3 and Power Boost System. Monat prides themselves on their ability to provide a product that does what it is intended to do with exceptional results

Research And Development

With such a broad range of products and reliable suppliers in place, it’s highly unlikely that a product is removed from the range. In the unlikely event a product is removed from the Monat range – the product development team will research more effective formulas for hair nutrition as the basis for a new and improved supplement offering.

In this recent example with the S3 and power boost, the actions are already in place and a new superior product will emerge as a result of any discontinuation. Standard and quality is the commitment

what is monat

Monat Scientific Board Members

Only leaders in medicine, cosmetics, hair care, science and health were selected to be a part of the Monat Global Scientific Board. Each of the members are united by their passion for providing independent practical advice based on their individual skills, talents and abilities. Their combined knowledge and expertise is critical to the research and development process of both products and supporting scientific documentation for Market Partners, customers and the Monat community.

Dermatologists are an asset to the board, as are experienced Medical Doctors and experts in anti aging and hair disorders. The combined expertise of these industry leaders is what maintains the highest standard that is expected by consumers and partners to Monat Global.

Working along side the executive team means the communication about the desired outcomes achieved by the products are clear and able to be delivered by the science team by means of their special formulations

Let’s introduce the board members!

Dr. Antonella Tosti MD
Dermatologist and World Recognized Expert in Hair Disorders

Dr. Brent Agin MD
Well-recognized Anti-Aging Author and Physician

Dr. Amy S. Ross MD
Dermatologist specializing in Mohs Micro graphic Surgery

Dr. Kevin D. Smith MD
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada) in Ophthalmology

Jamie S. Ross
Senior Vice President of Technical Services and Head of R&D for MONAT

You can read more about the board members and their commitment to providing the standard of excellence the clients and customers of Monat deserve by visiting the Monat Global Website

Independent Clinical Studies

Independent clinical studies were conducted at top manufacturing and research centers for unbiased results. Examiners within the facilities look to gain further knowledge and understanding of the principles of hair and hair product interactions. No serious adverse side effects were reported from these independent treatments; instead, the clinical studies show that Monat ingredient testers experienced the following benefits:

  • Significant hair growth with an average increase in hair count per sq. in.
  • Decrease of the thinning process
  • Increased density and fullness
  • Substantial decrease in hair fallout
  • Increased rate of hair growth
  • More manageability of the hair
  • Overall better shine and condition of hair

These exciting results were provided by the independent research company – we have access to the detailed findings. If this is something you are interested in, feel free to contact us directly via the chat box below and I can send these documents to you in a PDF format.

Scientific Formulated Ingredients For Results

You know you can trust Monat Global based on their commitment, their research, the independent studies and effective formulations. The board consists of only the leaders in each field and the combined knowledge ensures only the best outcome for everyone who uses the Monat Global range

To offer a product of the highest quality and standard is the commitment of Monat Global and the Science Board. There is no comparable product on the market with this level of care and commitment. Inferior products on the market can not match this level of care and commitment that Monat consistently achieves.


Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

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