Set Up For Success

Set yourself up for success by setting your team up for success. The SMART START period is a great opportunity for the new MP – the best way to nurture your new MP is to load them up with tangible resources so they can hit the ground running.

The easier you make the SMART START period for your MP – the easier it will be for them in the long term. If we can give them (or point them) in the direction of everything they didn’t know they needed – the more resources they have to build and pay it forward to their future MP’s.

Your new MP is worth your investment – your investment of time – presence and PRESENTS.

Your investment will pay off because everything you do for your MP’s is an example of what they will provide for their team too! Outline your process so you can give it to them as a checklist for their new MP’s (and their new MP’s)

Make notes of anything that you feel would have helped you on your journey.

More is more! Tangibles speak louder than files!

Things you can touch, use, turn the pages of – etc – are waaaay more helpful and impactful than digital files and folders. The more you can give your MP to hold in her hand, the further she will carry it on her journey (and pass it on to her people too of course)


  • Call your new MP the moment you see her enrolment to congratulate her and set a date for her first meet MONAT and to book her on boarding call
  • Presents and Presence!
  • Send your new MP a personalised welcome pack from you the moment she signs up – hopefully it will arrive to her before her box of product. She can photocopy everything I have created for you
  • Include selfie ring light for her phone – preferably rechargeable
  • Include a USB with ‘all the things’
    – workflows for social media
    – post formulas (headline / tip or trick / CTA / #)
    – Presents and Presence!
    – scripts and cheat sheets
    – links to youtube videos
    – facebook groups to join
    – apps to download (unfold / LR / facetune2 / zoom / tick tok /
  • Include a folder with plastic sleeves containing:
    – roadmap to MMP / AMB
    – compensation plan
    – scripts to sharing! (phone script / RaF script to give to your VIP’s / Meet MONAT script)
    – formulas
    – content calendars
    – content topic list
    – all the checklists (ticking things off is good for the soul!)
    – 90 day calendar (perpetual)
    – IPAs
  • If you are part of our team, you may be eligible to access The Salon Advantage by Angela Welsh (20 year salon owner and stylist) Message me directly for your eligibility requirements and sharing capabilities.

The VALUE of a VIP

As Market Partners building a business – VIP are Very Important for good reason. They are your super tribe who love the product and can benefit from some of the same Presence and Presents you offer your MP’s…

I’ve written another post about VIPS and the benefit of being a VIP before joining as a Market Partner. The crux of it is – as a VIP they have more time to use the product, love it and share it before entering the smart start period. So, to make it easy for your VIPs to get into the swing of potential – ALL VIPs BENEFIT FROM A PERSONALISED WELCOME PACK.

They also need to receive the selfie ring light, a tutorial about how to take a before and after photo and the RaF script.

After their 3 qualifying flex ships OR 3 purchases as a VIP (which ever comes first) it’s time to have ‘the talk’ via another lumpy mail to their post box – lumpy mail always includes something lumpy so exciting to receive it – so I would suggest a USB with some files, printed comp plan and a few other things.


Find your selfie ring light supplier. ┬áSome sellers offer free shipping in which case you would buy it and include your VIP or MPs address for postage. If you get a good deal you could have a bunch delivered to your house and post them with their kits – packed up ready to post within the country – so all you have to do is personalise a card to drop inside and pop into the post box. MONAT has a 5-7 day delivery – try and get your presents to arrive to your new recruit before then.



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