MONAT tried to FIRE me but I just won’t go away

MONAT tried to FIRE me but I just won’t go away

“Like a fly hanging around like a bad smell that just won’t go away…”

That would imply that I was the fly and MONAT was the shit –

Put butter before the fly – that’s me – and Yessss MONAT is ‘the shit’ but it isn’t ‘shit’ if ya na ta mean.


They tried to tell me to stop selling the shampoo to Australians – but I just flat out declined.

I REFUSE to listen and I’m doing it anyway.

Don’t even try and stop me from sharing this shampoo.

Catch my woah?

No one will stand in the way of my dreams.

It’s a fallacy that they would hold back on Australia getting their hand and hair all over this stuff, like. Pffft who even doesn’t launch in Australia.

Plums Before People! That’s what they say.

Well they didn’t actually say it – I just turn it over as a rhetorical thought wondering how we didn’t make it as part of the global expansion because I’m so pumped to work this as a business full time!

The last thing America refused to ship to me is the Garrett ATX GOLD detector sometime around 2010

…and I still don’t own that financial weaponary.

It seems like the best things on the planet America either wants to keep for themselves*** or the Australian Government Border Security tries to keep it for themselves. I say in this case, it’s probably the latter. Like that time they confiscated my Kewpie mayo from Japan before it was co0L and before it turned out to be completely unhealthy so probably lucky they did confiscate it –

Or that time, when Border Security kept my first box of MONAT shampoo for wayyyyyy over a month –  well, it wasn’t in my name it was in Adam name of course – who was currently in the country it was sent from by someone else –

confusing right?

I know, I’m confused too. I mean, who could blame them really – I thought everyone at the border security was like – “SWEET ! MONAT shampoo – woooooooo! Let’s go!” I wouldn’t have blamed them – the product is so freaking awesome they probably already know about being the international intersection and all…

Sorry I just lost my train of thought there when I noticed the acronym for border security is BS…

Anyway – you’re still waiting for the connection between the Garrett ATX gold detector and MONAT shampoo – besides great things not getting sent to me in Australia?

“The Garrett ATX gold detector:  Uses pulse induction to find gold, relics, coins and jewellry in highly mineralized ground or saltwater. Waterproof to 10 feet”

MONAT Shampoo and Conditioner: Gold

Clearly I didn’t need a Garret ATX gold – now that I found the gold myself –

MONAT is worth it’s weight in it.

You’re still wondering how they tried to stop me from selling shampoo here.

They changed the rules. Yep, I know because I checked them before I broke any. I’m like that – I can be so by the book sometimes, complete goody goody –

– until I see someone else blatantly breaking the rules then I think, aww well, a little tweaking won’t hurt anyone if there’s someone else out their breaking the rules waaaaaaaheyyy heyyyyy harder than me – right?


So there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be an undercover dealer of shampoo, because people need to know about this, there’s other people doing it – so I’m going to keep going because the company themselves are all about changing peoples lives for the better – right?


That’s right.
Original Gangsta over here – Selling Adam Scott Miller paintings – and dealing his MONAT on the side – Well they tried to stop me – and just like Amy Winehouse – going to rehab

>>I said noooo no nooo!
MONAT been unkind – – I won’t rewind
and not use it noooo noooo noooo.

They didn’t launch Australia – at 2019 MONATions Ohio –

They tried to make it uneasy for me, I say
Nooooooooo no noooo!<<

Party poopers.
Throw some confetti down here!

I cried when they didn’t launch in Australia. No joke. I actually cried a lot.

I was so SOOOO f@$%ing sad about it –

I have been using this product and researching it – getting to know everything I love about it (and a few things I don’t – like the smell of the Curl Cream

You can see my cry face video on my youtube channel – not about the curl cream – my rant is solely directed at the misfire launch on anywhere else but Australia lol.

You can’t miss it –

Besides the fact I’m crying in my bathrobe, I had just climbed out of bed to read the news and like a kick to the face

Totally going to need to rewind time with their new SKINCARE aptly called REWIND after that week of down turn mouth … Unfunny MONATions.

So back to VIP me in my heightened emotional moment in my bathrobe and the hair I woke up with (!)
….It’s the only video on my channel. Which is actually totally hilarious in itself because its the most raw and emotional version of me that the world could ever see.

I’m even questioning myself right at this moment while I write this –

why I am even telling you about it –

On a positive note, I might be crying but I still attempt good humour – Like, My favourite part is where I throw the imaginary hair from my imaginary brush – at the stage at MONATions because I’m just so cranky. I was really cry cry by that point.

teeeeehheee, Ha!
….ack! I think about it now and I half cringe that I’m even sharing this video with you, while at the same time I’ve grown through the experience of posting it out for the world to see so we may as well watch it.

H-O-L-Y ~ S-H-I-T

Yeah so that happened. Australia didn’t launch. So I’ve been working on the MONATrain through Adam Scott Miller’s account. You probably already know I’ve been merging into the management of his Art business but until his online Art Gallery is up and running – I’ve definitely been waaaaay more focused on his shampoo business. I love it. I love it.

Well it’s easy for me because I love the product so much because of my results – and I have to go to such great lengths to get it here! When Adam doesn’t bring it here in his suitcase for me (and my Very Important Customers in Australia) I need to get it shipped here by the post!

Lucky I was a foreign exchange student in 1996 with Angela Welsh. We were 16 at the time when dark lipstick was a thing!! Every awesome hair day of my life I have Angela Welsh to thank – She’s a world class stylist and colourist – everything that looks cute about my hair right now is her hair artistry – she flew me to America to get blessed into the business and a new way of life – the way I see myself – its changing the world around me.

I’m pumped for MONAT to launch here because our connection to the United States is Angela – she has 20 years in the hair industry / Salon owner and Mama of 3.

She pays it forward to Australia as a nation by wearing the cost for shipping the products to me to help me expand awareness and share it with the Very Important People here in Australia. Her and I working together after 23 years of life in between – it’s destiny!

That’s why I cried. This business is the most fun, most empowering connection of a huge community of people who are having phenomenal results with this product – including myself –

This experience with MONAT as a product has changed my life.

So I cried and cried and cried because #firstworldproblem – but

  1. It didn’t launch here – I couldn’t sign up in my name as a Market Partner because Australia is not officially open for business or opened for offical business or whatever booooooooo – so everything here has to be on a share basis here until they decide to launch – confused?It basically means I just have to stay working with Adam
    …which is kind of cool and I’m so grateful and blessed to get even access to the product at all when he brings it in his suitcase but hey
  2. The fact is – I want to work this business myself in my name – even though it is totally fun to be working with Adam on an awesome cool project so
  3. I couldn’t sign up some one else who is fun to work with in this country, to be a team with me – I’m stuck being excited about business myself! I can’t grow our team locally – Not cool!
  4. I want to do Meet Monat events like everyone else and meet more of my soul mate clients in the flesh who love or want to love their hair and are keen to rock their biz – I’m in a holding pattern
  5. I’m way more introverted – I have to be on my computer a lot in order to meet our online friends abroad because Australia is not in business yet.
  6. I’m so alone!
  7. Woe is me!

Lucky I can still use the product.

I can still talk about it here ,,,and whether or not I actually ‘sell’ the shampoo or not – I’m still going to write the content here on the blog because that’s what I do because I believe in the product and its good to have extra income now that we are distributing the product across another 2 countries.

So I will keep writing and writing – here on the beauty blog and also on the balance blog because article writing is all everyone ever needs to do to grow awareness for their business, build relationships and educate the customers about a great product who results are just as phenomenal as the opportunity to work a MONAT business.

>>…washes hair for a month<<
feeling cute – might hack all my dreads out idk –

Documented this on video – but not the after effects – I was definitely a bit worse for wear in the hair department until Angela Welsh gave me some EPIC chunky highlights and a cute new cut on my hair. .

..So on top of getting me there – the great hair cut and bangin chunky grey highlights –

She put Wiiiiiiings of possibility on my face!
Eyelash extensions I never knew I needed in my life

…until they appeared on my face –

>>gets lashes: takes on the world, no problem<<

Lash extensions got it goin awwwwwwn!!! Who is this woman! Wings to fly – ! off my face
Goodness Eyelash Graciousness!

When we change the way we see ourself the world adjusts around us. I FEEL this so deeply and I know it to be true. I’m totally getting in on some interesting grooming activities lately, like:

  1. 2 lash fills onto of that first set and Microblading I be like – wake up happy – catch my woah
  2. Hair Masques (game changer)
  3. Rejuvenique Oil (crows feet be like, see ya)
  4. Washing my hair (It’s ridiculous that a shampoo is like confidence in a bottle. Like vodka but nothing like it at all)
  5. Nail Polish (I know right! So chemically)
    (backstory I had quit nail polish pretty much since 2001 because of the chemicals – the stench of the remover – bleh – bit I recently started doing it again when I identified it to be magic gateway to a deeper connection to my feminine aspects – Interestingly which I finally had in the hair area (oo hair’era) of my life because the ‘length of my hair defined my feministic’ness’

So I fixed that LIE

And I hacked the dreadlocks that were down to my butt –  on camera.

Who even does that. I still can’t believe I’m actually delighted about it. .ONGOING. my hair gets better every wash. Anyway I’ll be sharing the monu’Mental? moments here and on the You-do-toTube

More marketing advice for anyone in the product, service or entertainment industry and more paradise type photography – I live in a tropical paradise – where the rainforest meets the beach! It’s a tourist destination on the East cost of Australia where it’s hot when it’s not – beaches, palm trees, rainforest, reef, resorts – the great, RAD and the FUNky – a piece of paradise in a corner of the world down unda – cyber style connection to your place over there some where –

until you are here visiting me in paradise!!




After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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