MONAT inner force restructuring serum REVIEW

MONAT inner force restructuring serum REVIEW

A state-of-the-art, dual treatment serum that reconstructs hair at its core, reversing visible damage from styling, coloring, harsh chemicals and over-processing.

Great news for hair – bad news for your nose. The first time I used it I went to bed with a migraine and woke up with one the next day.


INNER FORCE RESTRUCTURING SERUM works to rebuild, re-strengthen, restructure and re-surface the hair shaft, leaving each and every hair strand it touches looking smoother, shinier, stronger, healthier and more beautiful. The results are immediate – this is softness you can see and feel.

inner force ingredients

I was absolutely impressed with what this product can do for hair – I am so disappointed about the smell of the product.

I am naturally sensitive to smells, bright lights, loud sounds – I have a heightened level of intuition – so you could say my senses work on overdrive. This means, I can not wear parfum, I can’t use heavily fragranced dish detergents because besides the smell, I can actually taste it – I can’t wash my clothes in most laundry detergents or powders and I would have to leave any house that uses glade freshness burst room fragrance –  I’m also sensitive to sitting near anyone who uses perfume on their body. No hugs because I’m smelling it for hours afterwards.

inner force Monat

Harmful fragrance is definitely something I avoid

Although some MONAT products have a very high level of fragrance, they aren’t all bad. I’ve made a list for you to make it easier to choose products that have less stench if you are sensitive to smell. The good thing about MONAT fragrance is they are tested for safety and they are not the harmful fragrances – so I’m not worried about them – I’ve done my research. In all honesty – I applaud the company for choosing no hidden nasties and using non harmful fragrances – however !!! I do wish they would reduce the amount of fragrance they use in their ‘smellier’ products and I wish they would release low scent or fragrance free products.

inner force directions

In this case, now that I’ve experimented with the Inner Force, painful – but you’re worth it and you’re welcome >>>  I have found anything more than 2 squirts is just too smelly. The product must be applied to damp hair – it makes it less smelly for some reason. Do not use it on dry hair. As good as it looks when you do – it’s not worth it for the smell.

All in all, Inner force is a great product – if you are used to wearing perfume on a daily basis you will have no problem using this product. I think it does smell fresh – but just waaaaaaay too heavily scented for my preference

Try it for yourself. You can order MONAT full size products as a VIP or retail customer and use them for up to 30 days before you return them for a full refund if you don’t love it.

Zero risk to you!

You may not be as sensitive as me so give it a go and see how you feel for yourself !

Inner Force Restructuring Serum


Immediate Noticable Results




Value for money


Long Term Benefits



  • Noticeable Results
  • Hair shaft is smooth after one use
  • Penetrates the hair shaft
  • State of the art ingredient technology


  • The SMELL
  • Excessive Packaging
  • Expensive for what is


After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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