MONAT GLOBAL launch in Australia – what you need to know

MONAT GLOBAL launch in Australia – what you need to know

Australia is foaming at the follicles waiting for this launch. Everybody thought it would arrive to Australian shores in September 2019 at MONATions conference in Ohio due to the ‘hints’ towards launching Australia (for a year prior) even at the conference they told a riddle where the answer was ‘kangaroo’ the crowd was high in anticipation that Australia would be open for business.

This was not to be…

Instead – there was an incredibly controversial launch of skin care instead with an ingredient that MONAT sourced from Australia, the Kakadu Plum. This infuriated many Australians who were holding their credit cards ready to sign up as Market Partners for this incredible and unique opportunity.

They screamed:

“You take our plum and not our people!!!”

It’s fair to say they really pissed Australia off before they arrived here, that’s for sure. Anyone with any marketing sensibility would have harnessed the opportunity to enter Australia with they launch of skin care that includes an ingredient from the land.

Marketing may not be their strong point but we love them for what they excel at – an amazing product that does what is says it will do.

Will MONAT launch in Australia?

That’s the question on everyone’s lips.

At this stage my best advice is-

“Don’t hold your breath”

It would be negligent for us to set up a recurring trauma for yourself when they trick us into believing that it could happen. Like another worldwide accessible shampoo brand said once before:

“It won’t happen over night but it will happen”

Until then – there’s plenty that Australian customers can do to prepare themselves while they wait. So here’s what I’m doing in the meantime, while I wait for Monat to launch their products and lucritive business opportunity in Australia.

  1. Claim your selfie light so you can be ready for your ‘pro’ before photos!
  2. Get some before photos of your hair – every angle – watch my video about how to do that
  3. When your product arrives, get an after photo of your first wash
  4. Date your calendar for your follow up photos – get one each month using your selfie light. Your System (shampoo and conditioner) should last at least 4 – 6 months
  5. Document your process in the FREE BLOG Karsha helps you set up. That’s right everyone – get ready before the launch so that you can maximize the benefits of your smartest start program I’ve created for you. Overachievers need only apply
  6. Study all the resources I in the members area I have set up for you here at Natural Beauty Products Today and Ask Questions !!!

This is definitely the best way to get ready for the launch in Australia.

Did you know MONAT sold $4MILLION worth of skin care in the first 36 hours after it launched? A month later and it’s on ‘back order’

Did you know MONAT is the #1 hair care company in the USA?

Yep, see you later Aveda and Pureology – MONAT surpassed them all in sales for the year 2019.

Just a couple of reasons to prepare yourself to be on board ready for Australia launch!

Feel free to get in touch now so we can work together when MONAT launches in Australia!

(EDIT: It’s 2021 now and we are still waiting. International travel is still restricted in Australia – we trust this won’t affect a potential launch. What are you waiting for MONAT!! We’re waiting and we welcome you to Australia!)



Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

4 thoughts on “MONAT GLOBAL launch in Australia – what you need to know

  1. How am I able to get samples. Niece is on this business program in UK raves about product. I’d love to trial

    1. Hello Cheryl I LOVE your email address, super cute. Where are you located? If you are within Australia I will be happy to send you some samples! Feel free to tune in with me so we can figure out your hair type and requirements and go from there. Lot’s of love to you Cheryl! I’m so glad your niece is loving this product as much as I do! I won’t use anything else! heheheee! Blessings to you and love from Karsha xx

  2. I am an American living in Australia and really looking forward to trying this product and selling!! The benefits to both look too good to be true!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I’m so pleased to hear this! YES YES YES! The benefits are truly amazing – I have used this product for 2 years and my results speak for themselves! Let’s connect and work together when it does launch! I’d love to meet you! My sister is American too – she’s a hair stylist in Gig Harbor – She got me completely addicted! I have a few samples of shampoo and conditioner I’d be happy to send to you (within Australia) Feel free tune in with me directly and I’ll gift you some! Everyone should have access to this product! Blessings Amanda and I look forward to working with you !!

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