MONAT AUSTRALIA 2021 and ParentsNext

MONAT AUSTRALIA 2021 and ParentsNext

This product will get me off welfare. How do I know this? More than just award winning shampoo MONAT is ready to lauch in Australia. The peoples Direct Marketing choice is most certainly MONAT for more reasons than you can wrap your hair around and they are in the pre-launch stages right now until October 1st when they are open to Market Partners.

This product will get me off welfare

This is more than just award winning shampoo. This product bonds people, it makes my hair shine, makes hair goals real and it breeds millionaires. For me, it’s about going from welfare to wealthy

My sister Angela has been sharing this product on her social media for years. It’s the truth when I say it’s what brought us back together to build a relationship together in different continents.

We met when I was 15, long long ago before there was internet lol. It was the 90’s, dark lipstick was the look. Old photos are hilarious. I was a school student and Angela’s family was my ‘host’ family.

Years later we connected on facebook but didn’t really catch up that much until Angela was sharing alot about MONAT. I knew she’d been a hairdresser for 20ish years in the states, she’d had a couple of salons – I hit her up for more information about no more bad hair days.

By this point I had already had over 13,500 bad hair days and I’d tried everything on my hair from salon products, organic products, I had tried hair treatment masks – oil treatment – henna creams – you name it – by this point I think she felts sorry for me so she sent me the smoothing shampoo duo and a rejuvenique oil and it was love at first wash.

Angela would send me packages of other products I could try to see what would be my perfect match products and I found them all. I was officially obsessed.

I bought this domain, I started writing articles about hair – I was pumped to join the business. MONAT had already hinted it was coming. So we worked together on digital product ideas that could develop and be replicated in our future teams and our relationship flourished. Soon after we approached MONAT with Angela’s book, she flew me over to the states to celebrate! We knew we’d use that quality time for her to personally prep me and run me though how they manage their teams over there, We did content creation days and we drank coffee… we ate platters of nibbles and drank margaritas,,, we sat in the sun, we explored Seattle, it was a blast. SO PUMPED to work together

I CRIED when MONAT didn’t launch in Australia – it was the year they released the skin care line at MONATions and they launched in Poland instead. Ohhhhmyyyyyygooodnesssss I was sooooo dirty on them I filmed myself expressing my dissatisfaction – which escalated pretty quickly to me blubbering on camera – tears and snot you name it – I was p!5sEd

I unsubscribed from everything. I thought – good luck to them for being so unAustralian before they even got here – so I learned how to do lashes, I put myself through beauty school (officially) and a diploma in specialized screen and media makeup.

I’ve watched MONAT grow their product line – reverse aging facials – now skin and wellness products – so besides the excitement I feel to finally be able to order this product legally in my country (I had to buy it on the black market for the last 3 years and believe me, it’s hard to get)

What I am most excited about is the opportunity.  From October 1st – You have the opportunity as a founding member to earn 2 shares in the Pacific sector.

As a single parent situation where the father doesn’t pay child support – my biggest reason for starting this business is to get me off welfare. I’m working towards opening my own salon (I need to finance a sink to go into the service area before I can legally open.

In Australia we have an obligation to receiving the government welfare payment called “Parenting Payment Single” to be able to receive this payment – a parent must jump through the hoop system of the “privatized unemployment system” because “Job Network Providers” (who are not government departments) are the feeders off the parasite “Parent’sNext” where the system itself is designed to be impossible to get off – unless of course the Job network Provider cuts you off with a days notice – so you don’t get paid at all – that was happening to me every other month. As a client of the Government I had to call the provider to reinstate my payment due to whatever technical errors or a medical certificate wasn’t ‘coded right’ by the Centrelink… No. Just no. How do they get away with this…

I digress.

So in Australia, unemployment keeps going around in circles – the people are forced into work outside of their realm of desire or expertise so that the Job Network Providers get paid their bonus for getting the person into employment. The worker is starting at the bottom of an industry that is new to them, at minimum wage so.  If employment doesn’t last, the worker will fall back into the care of the Job Network Provider

So as a parent subjected to this ‘unsolicited programming’ from the Australian Government – I am paying rent and food from my $500 a week and saving the rest for my product pack with MONAT Australia, trajectory set towards my role as Senior Executive Director.

I’m a born leader. My product knowledge is outstanding. I am a natural sales person when I talk about the things I love because I am a passionate person.

Why should I be pushed into a job I can’t stand because the government told me to do it? Where are my people at? Say hi in the comments below.

Also, what’s your relationship like with your ParentsNext provider.

Follow my journey off welfare




DISCLAIMER: As a single parent, my payments were cut 5 times in 8 months by the ParentNext providers due to an ongoing breakdown of communication across all departments and privately own companies: Centrelink, Department of Education Skills and Employment and various ParentNext providers.


Thousands of single parents use the Australian Centrelink Human Services to be paid a welfare payment fortnightly. Unfortunately, little private companies that are not governed or managed by anyone, have jurisdiction over these welfare payments and can cut them at ‘default’

It is up to the parent to notice their payment has been cut, find out why, then call the provider to reinstate it – this is not a Government department so it is not immediate.

Due to the inappropriate ways my case was handled – I contacted the Commonwealth Obmudsman, Fair Work Australia, Local Federal Member of Parliament and escalated complaints through each of the individual private companies and government departments. That took all day and has been an ongoing discussion among them all, separately.

It is my duty to contribute and nurture the single parents out there doing it tough on welfare.  I see you!

I speak on behalf of those people and I will make positive change to encourage ‘sole traders’ and ‘home business’ in the ‘privatized unemployment sector’ because the people who should be benefiting from the 8MILLION dollar a year industry of private companies profiting from unemployment.




Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

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