Is My Berry Refined Scrub Mouldy?

If this is a question you are asking google, then you probably want to know if your berry refined scrub is going mouldy. I live in the hot tropical zone so I’m used to asking myself this question about many things! Things in my fridge, things out of the fridge, my favourite products,,, the walls – you name it. Things go mouldy here where I live. So when it comes to identifying mould and what happens when things go mouldy and why that happens –

I’m an expert when it comes to mould

You’ve probably seen in an old jam jar or condiments, a fine black circle around the inner lid of a jar in your fridge – ┬áthis can happen if you leave it too long without using, if it is left out of the fridge or if it goes out of date. Sometimes even under the perfect conditions it can get a ring of mildew or mould around the grooves where the lid screws on or inside the top of the lid.

It doesn’t always mean the rest is mouldy but make no mistake, if there is a little bit of mould growing then more and more will grow – so we do have to do something about it because believe me – mould is a kind of fungus – its spores create more.

If you discover some little black dots around the lid of your product or around the edge where the lid screws on your berry refined scrub – you’ll want to know what to do and you are probably wondering if you can still use the product and the answer is YES you can,

How did this happen???

Just like the food you choose for your body -you chose great products for your skin and hair. These plant based products have a reduced amount of preservative for your health and well being. All winner less filler! So when ‘something else’ is introduced to the product – this is where contaminations occurs.

You received a little spatula with your scrub. There is a reason for this. Although your fingers look clean, there is contamination breeding under your fingernails (sounds scary? kind of is) so when you dip your fingers in you are dipping the germs in too! Also if you choose to use this product in the shower – its possible when you open the jar that a little bit of water from the shower might splash into your jar or around the edge of the jar or into the lid. It’s wet in the shower and although shower water seems clean, most water has minerals and minute little bacterias that exist within it – you probably already know that any kind of water that sits over time starts to get stagnant. This means water that splashed in the jar can create a residue in the inside of the lid or around the edge of the jar and this can potentially stagnate and cause mould where it has been sitting.

Another possible way that mould can breed – as mentioned before – when using a finger to scoop out the product in the shower. Its not just the water – but a combination now – so if you are pushing it too high up the side of the jar, bits of product can get smooshed into the top of the lid which creates a film of product which then mixes with the water that may have splashed in there – or whatever else was introduced into the jar, creating unwanted bacteria to breed in the thin film that remains around the surface of the lid or screw grooves.

What to do?

Remove the product from the shower recess. Open the jar and use a dry lint free tissue to wipe around the inside of the lid, then the grooves of the lid and also around the jar. Get rid of all of the residue and ensure both the inner lid and grooves are dry and free of water, product or residue.

Now look at the edge and inner edge of the jar. Is product right up the side of the jar and touching the lid? This would cause a problem again so with fresh tissue, wipe around the lip and inner edge of the jar down about a quarter inch. I used the spatula at first to reduct wastage. It’s ok if the product pushes into the centre of the jar – its best to be held together so the little preservative that is in the product can do it’s job.

I created a video for you about this.

Wipe the inside of the jar around the top inner edge


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