is Monat a scam

is Monat a scam

I’m so glad you asked –
I absolutely allow you to answer to your question.

Is Monat a scam….

If you look around online – especially though youtube, you’ll notice alot of ladies jumping on the SCAM wagon when it comes to Monat. The reason for this is pretty simple.

But first I’m going to give you 5 facts to arm you with, before we talk about the scam.

  1. Monat has had a successful repeat following in 3 countries across 2 continents
  2. Less than 1% return rate (that’s right folks – even though they offer your money back if you don’t like the product – only 1% of people have claimed the refund)
  3. Monat is designed to strengthen your hair from the roots
  4. Suitable for all hair types
  5. The time between when you start using the product until you notice new hair growth is different for everyone
  6. There are salons that stock Monat exclusively though most recommendations will come through your friends and associates who have tried the product before. Mostly word of mouth

Alright well you got 6 facts. I’m naturally generous. Anyway –
let’s get to the juicy scam already

There are a millions YouTube channels. Millions of websites.

Ok you knew that.

So in a visual smorgasbord – you’re spoiled for choice. YouTubers need to start doing something different – start talking controversial topics and get a little bit more daring for the views. This is happening across the board – videos, websites, it doesn’t stop. Writing scam reports are one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website and YouTube channel so here’s what you can do to pick a (sometimes paid) rage hater a mile off.

  1. Go to the channel of the video in question
  2. Have a look at the other video topics
  3. What are they usually talking about?
  4. How many views are they getting?
  5. Notice how many views they get for hate speech
  6. Notice how many views they usually get on their ‘regular’ topics

What you will find, is everyone is jumping on a scam wagon when it comes to a great product. It’s happening across the board with all sorts of products. If a product is popular of course people are looking for information about it.

The people who hate shit scream louder than the millions of people who love something.

YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to be what they like to be called “influencers” and yes we could all agree that someone that wants to trash something or bad mouth or gossip gets attention for a little while… until no one listens any more. We all went to school – we know how this shit works – gossipers – pffft.

Anyway. Back to the scam.
There’s people out there suggesting that they have had ‘issues’ with Monat and I’m genuinely sorry to hear that. Whether that is true or not – maybe – in some cases – however it is possible:

  • To benefit from complaining. Some people just like doing it – others get paid for it – it’s not easy to tell the difference between the two when you’re on line surfing around for information – don’t get caught up with a paid complainer
  • Some hairdressing salons got so fucking grouchy that they weren’t offered the Monat product to sell before it went to the consumers, that some punks went ahead joining forces to create smear campaigns against Monat.
  • Some people know the power of the internet and if they can’t get the recognition they want in the way they want it – they’ll just keep on creating content or videos about what already worked for them and turn it on a little bitfor effect. I could name 3 channels that are slandering Monat for views – and looking pretty ridiculous while they do it… Again, it’s not easy to tell the difference or get swept up in their drama.It’s like they’re going for some kind of academy award for MONAT ATTACK

So far, you can see I have a completely different idea of what the scam is – have I pulled the veil back far enough for you to see what’s really going on here?

Is Monat a scam>?

Let’s go back to our bag of facts and see what else I can pull out for you:

  1. Everyone is different – if we weren’t the world would be a boring place
  2. Not everything works for everyone on the planet
  3. Some people can have allergies – take responsibility for yourself before you sue someone – or try and sue some one. It’s worth spot testing anything before using it – some people are alergic to coconut oil. Some people get effected by hair colour – that’s why they recommend doing the spot test with hair color before use. How many people actually do that… Anyway – I digress
  4. Monat is formulated from natural products. It is not organic nor do they claim to be.
  5. For people that are used to using alot of harsh chemicals are going to most likely experience a rejuvenation phase
  6. People get paid money to tell you what they are paid to say on YouTube
  7. McDonalds is one of the unhealthiest foods on the planet – yet they are world wide.
  8. Monat is the healthiest shampoo on the planet (that actually works) and will soon be world wide

So here we have a bunch of weird facts that I’m just laying out here to give you some perspective.

Here’s another one:

I’ve been playing on the internet writing articles as a ghost writer for well over a decade or more, been there, seen it, done that when it comes to getting traction online –

I’m going to give it to you true because I know you’re like me so you’re already looking around to find the truth about this company Monat – you want to know if you are making a great investment –

Rightly so!

And did I join the scam wagon to get more traction?
Hell yeah! I’m telling you to your face that I’m doing it for real real!


Because if I didn’t, you might get swept up in what a paid ‘influencer’ has to say and where will that leave you?

Out in the cold in the fetal position, rocking back and forth wondering if there will ever be that one thing that will fix damaged hair so you can get on with your life feeling confident and empowered!

Far Kyeh!

So it’s my duty to you – my service to you
To dominate the scam wagon to deliver you this important message.

Don’t get swept up in the smack talk sweetie – we’re here for a short time on the planet and why walk around with horrible hair? Somethings got to give.

That’s me –

I give.

I give a shit, I give opportunities and I give samples.

I won’t leave you out in the cold my love –
I’m on your side. I’ve been where you are, I’ve had the most wild unmanageable hair –
I used to think my hair was some kind of monster that climbed out of another realm and
fixed itself to my head…

Fortunately for me, I didn’t listen to the smack talk – too much – just enough to see the cracks – to see another video on the channel where the YouTuber is holding up their pay check from YouTube themselves – payment for getting the traction online. That’s right leaders – these YouTubers are getting savvy. They know what to do for a quick buck!

So let’s make a choice to focus on what feels good for you – if it’s smack talk – we’re not destined to hang out and people who talk mean or get on the mean team can enjoy their hair the way it is.

The people I’m keen to hang with are the ones who see through that shit.

And that’s you it seems – I can tell – you’re still here so let’s get cosy together now and talk about great hair. Face to face on the WhatsApp or email to email –

Drop me a line here in the contact box – again – I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again –

“This aint no mailing list you’re signing up for honey-
this is the real deal – you’ll get a response from me personally”

for more information about Monat

Let me be your hair fairy and I’ll see you soon in the cyber waves of your email

For great hair,
It’s only fair I share the flair

Go straight to the SAMPLES or
Buy and try for 30 days – love it or your money back!

Love Karsha xx



After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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