How To Sign Up a NEW MP On Your Team

How To Sign Up a NEW MP On Your Team

So you are ready to build your team! Congratulations !! The idea of signing up a new MP is exciting and life changing – it can be daunting. Your new MP is joining YOUR team and you are the leader.

What is a leader anyway

A leader is a go to person. The leader is the first point of contact for the people they lead. If the people ask a question – the leader finds out the answer (if they don’t already know it) or refers the people they lead to their leader.

That’s right – The leader has a leader. Their leader has a leader too. This means you have unlimited support now that you are ready to be a leader. There’s no question that your leader can’t find the answer to.

You can always refer your team to your leader – we recommend and encourage it!

All you need to do is have the ability to refer and delegate. If you don’t know the answer or you don’t know what to do – refer the question to YOUR leader – or just keep referring back to me. This will show me how to make things easier and easier for you and all the leaders to follow.

What kind of leader do you want to be?

How will you choose to lead? Have you been a leader before? Have you managed a team? What areas of leading are you confident with? What scares the heck out of you?

Have you ever answered the phone? You can lead

Are you a parent? You can lead.

Are you a person who offers a service to someone? You can lead.

The question is how do you want to lead. Maybe you don’t want to lead at all, maybe you are socially awkward and you can’t bear the thought of having any responsibility or being relied upon. I totally get it. I’ve been there too.

Lucky I chose to be the kind of leader that accepts that my team might not want to be leaders at all so I’ve picked up the loose links and taken the reigns for them so that I can lead their teams too. It’s ok for me.

I’m keen to be that kind of leader.

What do you want for others?

If you don’t care if you are successful or not – do you want others to be successful?

Has it occurred to you that your own fears and lack of action is actually hindering someone else opportunity?
Sounds scary. Especially if you want the best for the people around you.

If you don’t want to be a responsible leader that is totally ok – You’re in luck – because I do!

All you need to do is refer them to me or if you are on my team – YOU sign them up with you – then refer them to me. Simple.

If you are MP on my team

If you are on my team we have already gone through these next questions and more. You’ve heard me say “Start with the end in mind” and this still applies! Just like we went through in your on boarding with your own set of goals – let’s look together how to lead your new MP and grow your team.

  1. Where do you want your MP to be in 1 month / 3 months / 1 year??
  2. What does your MP need to do to reach these outcomes?
  3. What do You (or I need to do for you) to make this easy for them
  4. What skillset do they need to grow their team?
  5. What skillset do you need to help them grow their team

If you are on my team you know the process – this is just a refresher. For anyone else who is new to this blog and leadership – let’s break this down into a series of steps to help you identify what path to take to lead your new MP to their success

  • Open the file called “GROW YOUR TEAM” on the USB stick I sent you in the post when you joined my team. In this file we talked about the things you need to have on hand to be ready for this moment. We talk about what an MP is worth to you in your business and we look at the tools you need to have on hand ready for this moment.
  • Print the files I included for you on the USB drive for your MP
  • Post the package to your new MP or hand it to them if they are in your area so they have everything they need to build their first block effortlessly.
  • Swipe the entire flash drive – copy what I gave you and put it on your computer and send them the drive I gave you. You are permitted to do this!

If you are on my team you get to swipe the entire flash drive for your team. I encourage you to do so. Use all of my quiz sheets, checklists, the product files, FAQ’s – everything. I have collated all this information for you to have at your finger tips in the easiest way possible for you to succeed and to lead your team in the easiest way possible.

Keep telling what is scary or hard and I will just keep updating the leader folder on your flash drive with more and more tools for you. More answers to questions. More references to build your confidence.

What’s in the flash drive post pack?

I created a post pack for my MP’s when they sign up and also one for VIPs – they don’t get a flash drive but they still get presents.

  • Personalised welcome pack from us mailed to you! With presents! (real ones)
  • A printed manual of useful information
  • USB FLASH DRIVE Inlcudes:
  • Content Calendar for 3 months – solved across all platforms – rinse > repeat
  • SMARTER Start Guide
  • Training Checklist
  • Love letters! Pre written emails to send to your VIPs
  • Team Building Checklist (how what when)
  • A workbook designed by Karsha to accelerate your business to the next next next next and next level
  • Checklists / cue cards to show you the way

How did I do this?

I started with all the questions we looked at together at the beginning of this post and went from there.

So now, what questions do you have for me. How can I help you grow your team to the size you want it to be in 3 months, 6 months – a year. Where do you see yourself in 2 years? 3 years?

What if you didn’t ask yourself these questions?

What if everything just stayed the same?

What if you had no drive to succeed, where would you be in a year from now? 2 years?

How would you feel about that?


Why did I do this?

I found a gap. I noticed MP’s who weren’t working the business and I asked them why. I used their responses to create a fail proof way to grow and expand. Personally and professionally.

The MP’s I spoke to either hadn’t lead their own teams before or didn’t have the confidence in themselves to make the next step. The ones that had lead teams before felt they didn’t ‘know enough’ to create an empire with MONAT.

With a bit of coaching, they could see they knew more than they thought. It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a matter of perception. We’re all in this together and if I can make it easy for you then it’s easier for me – make sense?

If I can give you everything I think you need to succeed then you will. I’m confident in your success because I know my strategy and formula works.

You should be too!

So be the leader you want to be! The trick is – knowing what kind of leader that is so that your leader can lead you in the way you want to be lead!







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