This is an article about how to maximise your SMART START period by joining the company as a VIP retail customer before you join as a Market Partner.

There are a couple of ways to look it – Joining MONAT as a VIP or retail customer gives your business a leg up later – you have more time to prepare yourself. Joining as a Market Partner straight up means you have instant eligibility for the super discounted product. It’s the cheapest way to buy it – who wouldn’t join as an overachiever the product is over 50% off and you get heeeeeeaps

Either way – if you want to be strategic about your future business with MONAT – joining as a VIP is certainly a lucrative way to enter the business too. Let me share the reasons why that is:

  • You have time to use the product and get results which means when you go next step and join as an MP you are already half way there with your noticeable results – your experience sells the product. Your hair and face sells the product. It’s so easy. Makes the most of your bonuses
  • Your products have already arrived so you can do your first ‘Meet MONAT’ the same day you upgrade as an MP to maximise your smart start bonus period and build your blocks
  • Your friends and family will have already noticed you’ve done something different and they will ask rather than you telling them you have started a new regime
  • If you are an overachiever like me, you probably put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform in your business – the ‘Smart Start’ period is well timed so it is achievable – especially because you have already been using your products.
  • You’ve got the time to get coached on how to talk to people about the product and opportunity – so as a VIP you get to learn all the stuff I share with you about becoming an MP and it gives you a head start in how to sign up your MP’s for success!
  • As a VIP you have time to get to know who your people are before you set the clock on the countdown of smart start.
  • You can do all your learning and research about the product so you can enter the business fully knowledgable and confident to recommend the product to your clients
  • When you share the product it feels more like introducing an old friend – it’s easier because you are already using it – you get used to the idea of what it can do before you put yourself out there selling it.
  • Gives you time to believe in the product before you start recommending it to other people

What is Monat

So the steps for starting as a VIP are pretty easy –

  1. Take your before photos. Do this in varying light at different times of day. Do the selfie tutorial – get as many angles and close ups as possible.
  2. Go to our website
  3. Purchase your starter system as a VIP based on the quiz, or whatever I recommended to you or what you have researched to be the system that will give you the results you want
  4. If we haven’t chatted or messaged together – catch me on fb email me! I can make the cart for you
  5. Add a styling product and the Rejuveniqe Oil as your first VIP order
  6. Consider the 2 follow up orders to access the free ‘Only for You’ products – these aren’t available through the shop so you will be able to share your experience with the products and have photo opportunities for when it comes time to share later
  7. Document your experience from the beginning. Are you excited? How do you feel about these products arriving. Are you counting down the days? What is going through your head and heart?
  8. Read through my group files for how to work the business before you join as a MP (Market Partner)
  9. First goal when joining as an MP is to recruit your core team you want to work with
  10. When you advance to MP you get to apply your VIP registration fee ($20) to your enrolment package
  11. Advancing rank and qualifying for cash bonus is easy when you have it all laid out in front of you – the company pays bonuses to reward action
  12. First advancement is to MMP (Managing Market Partner)
  13. Maintaining rank and how to do that is also worthwhile to know. Read through the files and use the checklists within the group so you can make it easy for yourself to advance and maintain. Talk to me about it. I’m here to help you and walk you through what you need to do so you can get the most out of the business and you’ll get to join my LifeStyle Leaders group



After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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