hair regrowth treatment for men and women

hair regrowth treatment for men and women

Losing hair is a problem that both men and women face. Hair regrowth treatment is not limited to what we apply to our hair – but also how we maintain our body and scalp

Stimulation Of The Scalp

It is possible to promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp on a daily basis. There are many ways to do this. You can use the hands of course, however shampoo brushes are a great way to distribute the shampoo easily while also effectively stimulate the hair folicles out of their dormant phase and into a new growth phase. You can read more about the stages and phases of hair growth in this article. Shampoo brushes are sometimes available at the department store or you can order them to be sent to your door!

You can use a shampoo brush in conjunction with other treatments.

Indian Head Massage

I can recommend the Indian Head Massage as a really effective way to nurture and nourish your scalp. This may be available in your area or you can fly me to wherever you are for twice daily treatments for a month.

Traditionally, Indian Head Massage was performed by women and although it is called ‘head massage’ the treatment is inclusive of the neck, shoulders and face.

The use of mustard oils and coconut oil were used to strengthen and condition the hair. In ancient India – this Ayruvedic practice also incorporated the use of various herbs and botanicals to enhance the healing process. Buttermilk and oils of coconut, almond, olive are the traditionally used oils as well as other essential oils.

Until the early 70’s Indian Head Massage remained a gift to be shared within India alone. It was Narendra Metha who introduced this treatment therapy to the rest of the world – starting in England by offering this therapy as a means of relaxation and well being.

These days the treatment is offered with or without the application of oils and is recognized in the western world as a legitimate therapy for relaxation and holistic care.

You can use Indian Head Massage in conjunction with another hair regrowth treatment.

Application Of Essential Oils

Topical application of different oils and treatments can also act as an effective hair regrowth treatment. For safety, the application of essential oils to the skin should always be combined with a carrier oil. We recommend Jojoba oil because of its anti it is non greasy. Essential Oils you can use in combination with Jojoba are Rosemary Oil and Lavender Oil. They don’t smell fabulous in combination so try one or the other and see how you go.

With essential oil treatments – it’s best to use just the one oil mix for a period of time rather than using the Lavender or Rosemary oil treatment alongside the shampoo regrowth treatment..

Jojoba Oil For Hair Treatments

Interestingly Jojoba (botanically Simmondsia chinensis) is actually a liquid wax, so even though it’s referred to as an oil – this is mostly because that’s how we perceive the consistency of it. It feels light, smooth and non greasy on the skin like oil does. Jojoba does not store
tri-glycerides in the seed as other oil-seed plants. The unique wax ester that accumulates is known as the jojoba oil. This wax has a chemical structure that resists oxidation that which causes rancidity in other plant oils so by mixing it with essential oils actually maintains the lifespan of the oil as well as being a magnificent carrier for essential oil for topical applications.

Jojoba controls moisture levels in the skin and hair. Our skin has microscopic glands that secrete a unique oily/wax matter called sebum which lubricates and waterproofs our skin and hair. Sebum is what provides softness and flexibility to the skin and is washed away when we use soaps, sulfates and other chemical cleansers on the skin and hair.

Golden jojoba has an almost identical chemical structure to sebum and imitates its functionality very well. When applied directly to the skin, golden jojoba is rapidly absorbed to the inter cellular spaces below the surface without clogging pores and hair follicles, leaving the skin silky smooth. We recommend and sell Golden Jojoba oil for the body and scalp. We mix blends specific to your needs. We prepare your bottle of blended oil fresh to order. We also supply your Jojoba oil on it’s own so you can create your own blends.

The Golden Jojoba we distribute to you is from pesticide free Australian farms. We purchase the oil directly from the farmers who grow the bushes that produce jojoba seed. The Jojoba oil is extracted by mechanical cold-press method and filtered to 1 micron. Neither heat nor chemicals are used in the extraction process. No pesticides are used on these Australian plantations. Our product comes directly from the farmers who grow it. We blend your order for you personally by hand with love.

Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo

We recommend various treatment shampoo for hair regrowth. The Monat Rejuvenique Oil Intensive is great for the scalp. I truly believe that leaving this miracle oil on the scalp overnight (where possible) will make the most of the product and achieve the best results.

How To Create Your Hair Regrowth Treatment Regime At Home

For best results, wee recommend to use one technique at a time, for a minimum of 3 months before moving on to new treatment. This way you can identify exactly what works for you. Indian Head Massage is the only treatment we recommend in conjunction with any other hair regrowth treatment.

The reason for this is simple.

Head massage feels amaaayyyyzing and everyone should be massaged as much as possible for optimum health, improved circulation and well being. The reason why we don’t recommend using the essential oil mixes along side the shampoo treatments is because you wont know which is the treatment that is working for you specifically. You see, everyone is different. No two people are the same when it comes to what works the best – these will be your own individual results. Yes, there are millions of people who the shampoo treatment systems work for (and we do believe this to be the fastest regrowth treatment on the list) however! Unless you are having an immediate adverse reaction due to allergy or intolerance, it’s important to maintain any one treatment for sufficient time to witness any results.

Allergies and intolerances aren’t just a ‘food thing’ – people can experience these intolerances with essential oils and other products. We advise that if you experience a reaction with anything you discontinue use. Food, shampoo, oil treatments – hair color – if it doesn’t feel good – don’t do it.

It’s safe to say that if you eat rosemary in your food you will be quite fine to apply with the carrier oil to your skin – also same goes with the lavender blend. Lavender is the mildest oil available and the only essential oil that can be applied neat to the skin (which we don’t recommend you do we always suggest Jojoba as a carrier) Neroli is also a very mild oil and has antibacterial properties so can assist with dandruff or itchy scalp.

Do What Is Best For You!

Choose a hair regrowth treatment that suits your mood and budget. Something worth recognizing is oil does combat oil so if you are used to having an oily scalp or face – oil treatments are the best thing you could use to normalize the sebum levels.

Perhaps high end shampoo isn’t your thing and I totally get it. I didn’t wash my hair for over a decade because I simply couldn’t find one I liked and I refused to use Sulphates. Instead I would use dead sea salts and other hippy style treatments that worked for a while but weren’t ideal for my bristle head.

Recently I was recommended to use Monat hair treatments for my hair I haven’t looked back – seriously this was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. You can tell! I decided to blog about it. I’ve never experienced so many people commenting on my ‘lovely hair’ in such a short space of time. The whole experience has been amazing for me. I want the same for you so feel free to connect with me personally so assess which treatment will suit you the best.

I have a calendar of locations worldwide that I visit to deliver head massage personally so message me to find out when I am close to you x



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