hair care companies and lawsuit scam

hair care companies and lawsuit scam

Wow what a complex and interesting topic raised here – I’m going to make a video about it so stay tuned for that. We’re talking today about hair care and lawsuits. You’ve probably done your research or maybe you haven’t – that’s why you rely on my blog for the most up to date information about natural beauty including hair care – because here, we do it how you want it done and that is tellin’ it like it is. We will keep doing that for our readers. It’s our mission.

People are suing big companies. People sue little companies as well but the big ones have higher insurance pay outs – it’s also possible that larger companies will want to keep things hush so will make large sum payouts to avoid media scandals and class action law suits.

Interestingly – most hair care companies have had a law suit filed against them. This is happening alot these days – because we all know – society just loves something for nothing and a scandal like this can get consumers the publicity they want while taking down a brand in spite – so numerous Monat customers have reached out to me to nip this in the bud once and for all and to make the point that Monat isn’t the only one facing a law suit based on alleged complaints.

So if you bought a shampoo in your life – or you are into hair – perhaps you’ve to a salon before – you might be familiar with some of the more popular brands on the market –

Redken – L’Oreal , WEN, Biolage by L’Oreal, TRESemme

These are only naming a few of the ‘big brands’ that have been through the ringer with their own consumers and the law. Monat has joined the long list – singled out as if it was the first ever hair product to evoke a negative response. Being that most of the negativity is coming from industry ‘experts’ (that’s what they are calling themselves in the media spotlight) it’s hard to ascertain if there is in fact any actual problem with the product or if it is a flash mob of cry baby hairdressers that weren’t given access to the product to sell before the wider community got their hands on it. Interesting. In my opinion it could be both. This is the rumor – so don’t shoot the messenger.

As far as we have all researched – there are already a number of settlements when it comes to hair care and class action law suits. The settlements indicate there is an element of truth to the matter – however it doesn’t always mean the company is as guilty as they are charged.

WEN – Wen faced a $26 MILLLION dollar settlement on the back of alleged claims of hair loss and scalp damage

TRESemme – There is currently a settlement pool of $3,250,000 for consumers to access

Redken by L’Oreal – even though L’Oreal is one of the ‘governing bodies’ when it comes to ‘what goes into the products regardless of whether or not they are tested for human safety’ they didn’t manage to steer clear of negative media coverage and a law suit

Biolage Matrix┬« by L’Oreal – currently making it’s way through the courts.

The list goes on. People are complaining that some of these products are causing brittle hair, significant hair loss, or that the products don’t do what they say they are going to do or that they don’t include an ingredient that the company advertises.

Monat is experiencing a similar throw down. No one in big business is safe from unruly consumers. We are yet to discover the final outcome for Monat and the associated negative publicity (you can find plenty of this negative publicity on YouTube – there are many little channels making the most of world news in their poor attempts to gain more ‘views’)

Stay co0L everyone.

When we know more we will share it with you – until then, don’t sweat the small stuff. There are less than 1% of returns with Monat. This means that even tho Monat offers a full refund on their product if you don’t like it – only 1% of all their consumers that have ever bought Monat – only 1% returned it.

If you love this product and it works for you – keep using it. If you don’t love it and don’t want to use it – just don’t. Please don’t bully people online who like using the product. Please don’t fear monger people with results you have only heard about and not seen for yourself.

People lose 100 hairs a day – this is normal. When a hair follicle is nourished into action to produce a healthy hair this is what we want to see and trust will be your experience with Monat.

Did a screaming baby put you off having kids?

Didn’t think so.

Perhaps instead of listening to what ever else is carrying on about – feel your own empowered purpose to make a decision for yourself and do what it is that makes you happy. Perhaps apply this concept when you order your next bottle of shampoo -whatever brand it is.

Life is short – make the most of it and above all – enjoy yourself!

…with great hair!

Love Karsha xx

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