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What is Monat good for – and when! Why Buy Monat?
This guide will assist you in choosing which product to use for what out come you want to achieve!


RENEW Shampoo: If your hair is feeling dry and damaged, this shampoo is for you. Renew Shampoo is a salt and sulfate-free, vegan, gentle, hydrating cleanser that penetrates and moisturizes the scalp.

Renew will help boost your natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to aid in reducing hair, receding hair lines and hair thinning. Supports the restoration of the hair’s youthful vitality by adding essential moisture back into the hair. Safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair and hair extensions.

REVIVE Shampoo: Revive lives up to its name giving your thin and lifeless hair incredible volume.  Revive Shampoo is a gentle volumizing cleanser that gives body to fine and limp hair. Revive penetrates and supports the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to assist in reducing hair thinning. Gives hair a soft and youthful look. Revive is completely safe to use on colored and chemically treated hair and extensions.

INTENSE REPAIR Shampoo: Intense Repair will boost growth. If you have thinning hair, receding hair line, hair loss or balding – this shampoo is for you. Intense Repair shampoo is really going to boost your natural hair growth. This shampoo will penetrate and nurtures the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth and improve follicle strength to reduce hair thinning.

MEN’S BLACK 2 IN 1 Shampoo Conditioner: Both Men and Women can use this 2 in one shampoo. Black is a favorite for everyone for all the benefits. If you suffer from greasy hair this shampoo is for you / Brassy blondes this is really going to help you get rid of the brassy build up. This shampoo is a great clarifying shampoo and it’s paired with a conditioning agent so it is not so drying.  This is a complete 2-in-1 system that cleanses and conditions while maintaining essential moisture and balance for youthful, healthy hair. Penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping boost natural hair growth and improve follicle strength to reduce hair thinning.


(Leave on for 2 minutes or longer for maximum results, rinse out with cold water)

RESTORE LEAVE IN: This can be used as a leave in treatment or a wash out conditioner. Helps restore essential nutrients to the scalp, boosting natural hair growth and improves follicle strength to reduce hair thinning. Restore is your ‘go to’ to tame the frizz and fly aways – fragile hair is left feeling silky, looking youthful and supple.  DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly to wet hair, comb through and style as usual. As a finisher and for added conditioning, apply on dry hair. My favourite way to use it is to towel dry the hair and smooth it through with a couple of drops of Rejuvenique Oil.

REVITALIZE Conditioner:  This is the conditioner that is going to give you bombshell volume you’ve always dreamed of. This is a gentle volumizing conditioner for fine and limp hair that penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping to boost natural growth, aids in improving follicle strength, and helps in reducing hair thinning. Delivers moisture and vital nutrients to aid in plumping and energizing hair from the roots to the ends. Fine, flat hair becomes soft and shiny. Safe to use on colored and chemically treated hair and extensions.

INTENSE REPAIR Conditioner:  Could this be the best hydration conditioner you’ve ever used? Use this on your hair if it is feeling dry or damaged. This is a rich conditioner that stimulates the scalp and helps boost hair growth.  Infused with REJUVENIQE™ and rich with Capixyl™, it provides intense conditioning and protection for ultimate scalp health. Best results if left on for 5 minutes so this is a great time to create a foot bath, grab your favourite book or magazine and sit back and relax.

DEEP SMOOTHING Conditioner:  The conditioner that is best for frizz and dry coarse hair. Smoothing Deep Conditioner works on all hair types to nourish, control frizz and add brilliant shine. It is light enough for daily use and does not weigh hair down. It restores softness and shine, and protects hair from humidity.

REPLENISH MASQUE: If you feel like you need some extra hydration in your hair use Replenish Masque. This is a repairing and hydrating masque ideal for damaged and moisture starved hair. The Replenish Masque penetrates and nurtures the scalp while helping boost your natural hair growth – it improves follicle strength, and reduces hair thinning. Essential moisture and vital nutrients will help eliminate frizz and reduce any split ends. Feel the difference! Silky, more manageable and youthful looking hair. Safe to use on colored or chemically treated hair and extensions. DIRECTIONS: Packed with protein so only use once or a week if needed.  Smooth evenly on damp hair from roots to ends, leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash out, still use a conditioner.

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Styling Products

(all can be used together or separate depending on desired outcome)

REJUVABEADS: Super duper split end mender.  Do not use every wash. Recommended to apply to the ends of your hair every 2-3 washes. DIRECTIONS: After washing and conditioning with your favorite MONAT system, gently towel dry hair. Depending on length of hair, apply one to three pumps of REJUVABEADS sparingly to the mid-sections and ends of damp hair. (Since it is an airless tube, you may need to pump several times before product is dispensed) Work the product through your hair from mid shaft to the ends with your hands or use a wide toothed comb to distribute evenly. Wait one minute before styling.

INTENSE REPAIR TREATMENT SPRAY: Helps stimulate the hair follicles to grow DIRECTIONS: After shampooing and towel-drying hair, spray directly on scalp, section by section – massaging with your finger tips to ensure even distribution. Do not rinse. Blow dry and style as usual. For maximum results, use twice a day.

THICKENING SPRAY: Adds extra body, bounce and volume to the hair! Provides a flexible hold. DIRECTIONS: Wash your hair with your favorite MONAT shampoo and conditioner. Gently squeeze out the excess water. On damp hair, use 1-2 sweeping sprays on each section of your hair and blow dry. Style as usual

BLOW OUT CREAM: This is our heat protectant. Works on all hair types to create a beautiful blowout that lasts. This product won’t weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy. Does not create product build-up. Blow out cream restores softness and shine. Reduces styling time and conceals any signs of damage. Contains Dermofeel® Sensolv, a natural silicone alternative. 100% natural in origin. DIRECTIONS: Wash your hair with your favorite MONAT shampoo and conditioner system and gently squeeze out the excess water. Apply Blow Out Cream from roots to ends. Style as usual.

TOUSELED TEXTURIZING MIST: Good for straight hair or curly hair girls. Helps to define your curls. Experiment with multiple styles and create a variety of textures effortlessly. Non-sticky formula. Helps to define layers. Adds volume without weighing hair down. DIRECTIONS: Spray on damp or dry hair, then tousle and air dry for a beachy look. For bombshell volume, spray on damp hair and blow dry.

THE CHAMP DRY SHAMPOO: Helps to freshen hair, absorb oil, condition and add volume without the need for water. DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use and spray evenly 10 –12 inches away from the hair, focusing on the roots. Let dry for 1-2 minutes; then finger comb or brush thoroughly. For extra volume use a blow dry at the roots.

RESHAPE ROOT LIFTER: For added volume. Create long-lasting, high-impact voluminous style with this alcohol-free root amplifying spray that enhances volume at the roots. Root Lifter Provides protection against damage caused by heat styling and helps increase shine and boosts natural hair growth, while improving follicle strength to reduce hair thinning. This is a non-sticky formula for hair that is soft and visibly fuller in appearance. Helps extend the life of hair color. DIRECTIONS:  Spray onto damp hair, concentrating on the roots and blow dry hair and style as usual.

REJUVANIQUE OIL: This little bottle of gold has over 100 uses.  Nourish and energize the scalp with an invigorating blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids. This product mimics the body’s natural oils! The proprietary formula prevents oxidative stress and adds incredible volume to the hair, instantly visible long-lasting shine without the damaging effect of silicone.

MOXIE MAGNIFYING MOUSSE: For added volume especially at the roots. Supports weightless body and volume without any stiffness, or crunchiness. DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Dispense an egg sized amount and distribute evenly throughout damp hair focusing on roots for maximum volume. Work generously through the hair from the root to the ends. Apply more as needed.

RESTYLE INSTANT SCULPTING TAFFY: Instantly brings vitality to hair with its unique combination of natural botanicals in a pliable sculpting base. Amplify and enhance your hairstyles with immediate results that can last all day and into the night. DIRECTIONS: To activate, rub a small amount between your palms until the product is warm and transparent. Apply and distribute throughout your hair to achieve your desired style.

REFINISH CONTROL HAIRSPRAY: Infused with REJUVENIQE™ – REFINISH is a strong yet flexible finishing spray that provides texture, volume, natural shine and long lasting touchable support. Humidity resistant and easy to brush through leaving no sticky residue or build-up even after re-spraying. DIRECTIONS: To Finish: Hold 8 to 12 (20 -30 cm) inches from hair. To Create Volume: Spray in quick bursts while blow drying.

JUNIOR GENTLE DETANGLER: Gives slip to the hair and helps parents win the battle with tangles. It’s also great for adults with fine hair that knots easily. DIRECTIONS: Spray on to damp hair as needed and comb through.

Just For Men

BLACK GROOM STYLING CLAY: Versatile styling clay that helps create a variety of modern textured looks. Provides a lightweight and pliable hold. Helps to make fine hair look and feel thicker and provides a matte finish. DIRECTIONS: Work a small amount of product into your hands and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair.

BLACK CREAM SHAVE: A rich and soothing cream shave that leaves skin smooth, sleek and revitalized. Helps to soothe skin and provides a close, comfortable shave. Moisturizes skin making it feel silky, never greasy.

BLACK AFTER SHAVE: A rich and velvety Aftershave + Moisturizer that helps to soothe skin, minimize ingrown hairs and provide excellent skin hydration. Helps to prevent moisture loss and refine fine lines. Calms the burning sensation and skin irritation experienced after shaving. Helps to reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

What is Monat Going To Do For You?

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After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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