a quick disclaimer about Monat

a quick disclaimer about Monat

Monat loves you

Monat loves me too – they want the best for me and the best for my hair –

What I say doesn’t reflect how they feel as a company. Not everyone is as delighted as you are about the way I express myself with swear words and how nothing is left unsaid with me – I speak the truth. People like you freaking love that –

The people who are my people totally accept me for who I am – people who don’t accept themselves for who they are likely not to accept me either – I’ve studied human behavior – I totally get it how it works –

So even though Monat find my content absolutely hilarious and they support me 111% – here at NaturalBeautyProducts.today, we are Market Partners for MONAT – we don’t work in their head office with the big boss and we are not their marketing department.

It’s worth clarifying these points with you so you know who you are choosing to work with.

Besides hair – MONAT are also in the business of empowering their advocates so they do understand that I express myself completely just the way I am. I don’t pussy foot around or pretend to be something I am not by censoring myself and the way I speak. Yeah I swear, so what. This is who I am, the way I am and the only thing Monat wants to change about anyone is how they feel about their hair.

MONAT doesn’t recommend you give any one the finger, flip the bird – how ever you want to say it.

That’s how I say it – To be able to take business away from the big department stores and give our dollars to our friends, family and associates instead. This empowers me and that is what Monat is about.

Monat is about empowering the wider community
so that you can make choices that benefit you and your family.


Think about it. You’re going to use shampoo for the rest of your life so you may as well support yourself while you do it! Anyway, that’s how I feel about it.

So I swear, I carry on a bit and I also talk about giving the finger to the large department stores. I’m all about taking your power back and putting money back in your pocket.

What do you rekon? Do you think it’s important to speak your truth and be yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!


After 39 years =13,870 bad hair days - Karsha tried Monat for the first time and hasn't looked back. After years of being teased at school for having fluffy hair - by the time she turned 30, Karsha had turned half her head into knotty locks to try and control the monster that was her hair. Even knotty heads have their bad hair days. There was no shampoo or treatment for this wild hair - seemingly unable to be tamed. Until Monat arrived. Karsha is looking for product testers in your area. Apply now via the SAMPLES tab to revolutionize your hair today

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