What is MONAT hair… Probably the best experience you’ve ever had with your own head of hair. That is, if you have ever had a great experience with your hair.

If you haven’t, you may think great hair isn’t possible for you. You may wonder how anyone could get so excited about having great hair…


  • So, maybe you haven’t had great hair yet?
  • Maybe you are still waking up with a fright everyday when you see your hair
  • Perhaps you’ve had 13,000 or more bad hair days like me, before I discovered for myself


What is Monat Hair!

MONAT starts with changing your hair and eventually changes your life.

MONAT has successfully launched in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
The results speak for themselves

  • Monat has a successful repeat following in 3 countries across 3 continents
  • Less than 1% return rate (This means, even though they offer 100% refund on the product if a customer doesn’t like it – only 1% of people out of millions of people requested a refund – this is unheard of in most companies – for any product!)
  • Growing trend of ‘more hair’ – Clients are using this product and report thickening, extra growth as well as healthier hair
  • The company will launch in Australia and New Zealand (hopefully before 2020)
  • MONAT will be a household name around the world

It’s hardly a surprise but this little family owned company grew into an multi million dollar industry in less than 3 years. This is exciting because it gives the power back to the people –

Monat invites you to give retail outlets the finger and envision a dream for yourself – far beyond hair

Want to be part of this movement? NOW is the best time to jump in, because together we will create great change in ourselves and the way we see the world around us – by having great hair, feeling empowered and sharing the movement with others who also want to experience great results and great hair.


Quick Disclaimer regarding MONAT

MONAT loves you

They love us too – at Natural Beauty Products we are Market Partners for MONAT – we don’t work in their head office with the big boss and we are not their marketing department.

Even though they find my content absolutely hilarious and they support me 111% – what I say doesn’t reflect how they feel as a company. They may feel horrified at the way I express myself with swear words and how nothing is left unsaid with me – I totally get it –

Besides hair – MONAT are also in the business of empowering their advocates so they understand that I express myself completely just the way I am. I don’t pussy foot around or pretend to be something I am not by censoring myself. MONAT doesn’t actively recommend you give any one the finger, flip the bird – how ever you want to say it. That’s how I say it – To be able to take business away from the big department stores and give our dollars to our friends, family and associates instead. This empowers me and that is what Monat is about. Empowering the wider community so that you can make choices that benefit you and your family.

Think about it. You’re going to use shampoo for the rest of your life so you may as well support yourself while you do it! Anyway, that’s how I feel about it.

Feel free to share about how you feel about it in the comments section of this post