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YOUR Hair is the reason why we are here.
YOU are the reason we started this Beauty Hub so that you can make the most of the natural products available for you TODAY because life is too short to keep having bad hair days.

The techniques and products available for you at NaturalBeautyProducts.Today are revolutionary. Millions of people across 3 continents have had amazing success with:

  1. Hair Growth (length)
  2. Hair Thickness (more hairs growing)
  3. Reactivated Hair Follicles (combating baldness and receding hairlines)
  4. More Manageable Hair
  5. Receiving Compliments About Their Hair!
  6. Finding a Product That Actually Works!
  7. Saying YES To Themselves By Saying YES To Their Hair!



Karsha has had more than 13,000 bad hair days. Every day was a groundhog day of unmanageable hair. This has effected her confidence ‘on the daily’ from the moment she woke up in the morning until she went to bed at night – then she would wake up and it started all over again. At school she was teased for having fluffy hair, when really, she just didn’t know how to manage it, so for a long while things stayed the same – the wild beast (that was her hair) remained untamed…

Everyday began with a sinking feeling in the body.
The sadness and the disappointment.
Why did it have to be this way.

By the time Karsha left school and began working in the service industry – it seemed easier to tie the hair back tightly from the moment she woke up until the end of workday. She suffered headaches and a sore scalp because of this. The hair was always kinked. It wasn’t an ideal situation.

As the years rolled on and by Karsha’s late 20’s – early 30’s – She’d had enough. There seemed like no other way to cope than to have half her hair knotted into locks. The knots seemed to be the only way to maximize on hair length. She wore these knots for at least 8 years while still having the same old woes with the remaining hairs that weren’t trapped into knots.

There seemed to be no solution. It wasn’t until Karsha turned 39 and found Monat, her perspective began to change.

Starting the day with great hair is the first step to an empowered life. If we can feel great from the first moment we look in the mirror in the morning to wash our face – what an asset that is for our day! Now that Karsha has experienced the joy of what it’s like to have manageable hair – the journey begins.

“There’s no two ways about it, if I can have great hair, it can happen for others too”

Bad hair days are a real – if you have hair, it’s likely you have experienced a bad hair day or 2 or 4 – maybe more. This is soon to be a thing of the past for you too!

Just like Karsha – you can wake up in the morning loving the way the pillow styles your hair for you!


These days, Karsha has got it into her head that she ‘chose the bad hair life’ long before she arrived to the planet. Somehow she is convinced it was a challenge she set up for herself on an energetic level. Through her experience from the ‘wild as a child, unmanageable, unruly and truly disobedient hair’ to ‘smooth and sensational’ – sharing the joy of healthy beautiful hair has become another facet of Karsha’s life work to help others with their head!

It’s all in the head!

Karsha not only runs empowerment classes and online courses – she’s a holistic change maker – taking care of face and hair – redesigning the dis-empowered life with next level holistic self care!

So you’re definitely in the right place to get to know your hair (and yourself) on a deeper level and create a new relationship with your hair. This is a place where you can come to feel educated and ‘in the know’ about all the things that can change your hair and your life for the better as well.

Don’t settle for less than the best with your hair.

Saying YES to your hair is saying YES to yourself!

So when you are ready to make the next step towards a head of more co-operative hair – reach out! If you have any questions, or for your own personal hair analysis call with Karsha – Feel free to leave your question in the chat box below and we will be more than happy to help you out!

Start wearing your hair on your terms!

Wishing you all the best days ahead for your head!
From Karsha

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