Make Money Online

Make Money Online

We’re approaching 2020 – For me – 2020 means clear vision. The vision I have in my heart and minds eye for how the year 2020 will unfold for me and for our team is nothing short of an achievable miracle. The opportunity to make money online, from home is definitely the point of difference we have to offer our team and to you as well, whether you are in our team or not. (Of course if you want to join our dream team you can read more about that here to see if we are a match)

These last few months we have been inundated with private messages about setting up a blog or website (like this one) to harmonise with the strategy they are currently implementing in their business and make money online. This blog is on the first page of bing and the 3rd page of google at the moment and the people who write to us want to know how I managed to do this so quickly! They reach out because they want a system like this – a blog or website to share more content with their audience.

I agree with you – having a website is a fundamental tool if you want to make money online. When starting a new business, or even an existing one – it’s not always cost effective to invest in a web developer to create the platform or strategy for you to create your dreams of financial freedom – I’m an advocate for ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money’ and the way I train our sales team is with these same recommendations I’m about to share with you now when it comes to how you make money online.

Even though I have a wide array of options for anyone who is just starting out and even for the seasoned internet marketer – I always recommend what I believe to be not only the most cost effective way of kick starting your online business – but I show you the way that will give you the most value long term. You can implement these same strategies over and over and over again because you will know what to do! The simple formula that you can work on yourself in your own time.

Create and maintain a perfected vision of the results you want to achieve
– and leave nothing to chance.

After 10 years or more in internet marketing – it was only 3 years ago that I thought it would be wise to put everything I know into an online course. I thought it would save me time while at the same time help more people because then this information was available to everyone. I knew I would have to charge for it though to supplement the time it would take to compile and record it all –  Then one day – out of the blue I found Wealthy Affiliate and less than an hour later I joined up as a member. I had nothing to lose. They claimed to teach anyone internet marketing for free and give them a website for free to implement their strategies as they learn, so they could start straight away.

I know right – you’re wondering if you read that correctly –

  • Free training
  • Free website
  • FREE
  • Start implementing straight away
  • Nothing to lose
  • And its all for free

So I signed up and went through their entire training … Why?

  1. Because I wanted to see if there was anything that they left out of the training  (hee hee)
  2. Because I wanted to see if there was still something more I could learn from their training (I’m open to not knowing everything! hee heeee)
  3. Because it was free and they give you a free website to start implementing their training straight away to make money online (I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t match that offer)
  4. I had nothing to lose (except my time to go through the training -which is absolutely excellent mind you – a very high level of training I’m still impressed – I have a high standard of how I like training to be delivered and this exceeded any expectations)
  5. I was inspired by the success stories coming from students learning in their academy (I did some ‘reverse buying’ about the company but I couldn’t find any bad reviews about it – that’s always part of my buying strategy – you can read more about my buying strategy here)

Needless to say I didn’t create the online training for you like I had thought I would – which I find absolutely hilarious now that I’m still a WA member 2 years later. You see, their training is SO good and sooooooo thorough; that even into the first module of training I felt it was borderline ridiculous that I had even considered creating my own training to begin with!! Why would I do that when something as amazing as Wealthy Affiliate exists for free, for everyone.

So these days I feel completely confident to refer my people to WA for all the reasons I joined in them in the first place and I know my team are well taken care of in there – because I’m there to support them. It’s a great platform with a great in house affiliate program (with the best compensation plan in the business)

When you log in, make sure you come to my page and say hi so that we can be connected. I look forward to being your first contact with in the academy and lets celebrate all your successes along the way – starting with the first one –


Pat on the back to you for taking the first step to make money online!

Let’s do this!!!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagined!


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