How To Sell Online

This is such an important topic for the people who want to make a business that works, from home – for themselves and for their family. These days, selling online doesn’t mean you go buy a whole warehouse full of product then run the business from the local postoffice – no. Selling online is a fine art of the old school sales strategies that begins with building relationships.

So here’s what I want to do for you. I want to lay it all out in a really easy way so you can feel confident you know all the steps of what to do, when and how to do it when it comes to selling on line. The key isn’t to sell at all. It’s sharing and that’s the way it’s always been. This is not a new thing.

Here’s an example.

I came from a background in travel management. I started off booking reef and rainforest tours at a tour booking desk and moved into selling international travel then managing a team of agents booking international travel. Selling travel is sharing an experience. The experience is what sells it. The places I had been to and the tours I had done personally were the ones I would sell most of because the tourists loved hearing about it.

Your honest experience with a product is what sells the product – not your sales skills

If you don’t like the product – don’t sell it – simple. If you do – great. To be honest there are 2 products from MONAT I don’t like and I don’t mind telling you what they are and why because my clients value my honest advice. My clients are like me – so it is important for them to know what products are heavily fragranced and what isn’t – my clients want to know if a product contains tetrasodium EDTA and I will tell them

Your honesty, care and attention toward the client who turns to you for your up to date advice is what builds relationship. All rainbows and Roses won’t win your clients in the long term – honesty is the policy – when I am honest with you, you trust me and feel more confident to hear what I have to share or take some advice. The random guy on the street who says ‘buy this thing’ sells no thing.

They are buying YOU not your product.

That may be about the most important thing when I went through my intensive marketing training. The way you present yourself will connect with the audience that resonates with your message. The whole ‘vibe attracts your tribe’ thing – yep – that’s the way the new agers describe it – its not a new thing either. You be yourself and speak from your heart with truth and integrity – you will succeed

The second most important thing I learned is Market Message Match. MMM is all about being consistent with your message and what it is you are talking to your people about.  For example. This blog isn’t where I share all my energy readings and intuitive breakthroughs – I have another blog for that because my people who come here are looking for natural skin care, natural hair care and plant based products that work.

It just so happens that I love online marketing – so I share stuff that helps my Market Partners succeed in their business.

I share strategies

So here’s your starting points

  1. Share your stuff
  2. Be honest and truthful with your experience
  3. Have a strategy
  4. Be consistent with your message


Even though I paid a fortune to learn how to market correctly – I want to say (and this is the truth) that these past year I tried to defy gravity. Yep. Everything I learned I tried to flip it around or cut corners and in those areas I didn’t get the results I wanted. Why? Because the formulas work and I got lazy and thought I could do it another way.


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