Email Marketing With Mailerlite

Email Marketing With Mailerlite

To make effective use of our time, putting the right tools in place from the beginning is the easiest way to be on top of your game as your empire grows.

Different tools do the same job

And just like your favourite toothbrush, they all do it same same but different. Some toothbrushes give you a cleaner finish – same with your email marketing.

Don’t monkey around

MailerLite is one of 2 (or more) comparable free tools – Mailchimp is the other. The difference between the 2 is that mailerLite not only has a cleaner fresher finish and stays free for you for longer – and it doesn’t have a monkey at the bottom of your mail.

I don’t know about you but a monkey doesn’t match my message. Besides the animal slavery implications and getting a monkey to do the hard work – I’m a business professional and I appreciate the consistency in my message. Using a chimp service is a circus in my eyes. Lots of people use it but its not for me. I found mailerlite and I’m delighted. considering I used to pay $20 a month for Aweber back in the day.

Interestingly it’s easy to make the switch from your current emarketing account if you have one.

$20 Credit to Your Mailerlite Account

When you sign up to mailerLite with my invitation you will get a $20 credit to your account! You won’t be needing that for a while because mailerLite is free to use – unless you already have over 1000 email subscribers. So until you reach 1000 your $20 will wait for you in the credit section of your account. mailerLite is free for you until you reach 1000 subscribers or want to send more than 1200 emails a month.

Why do I need automated emarketing anyway?

So many reasons.

  1. Keeps all your contacts in one place
  2. You can schedule ahead by writing all your emails a month in advance and set to send when you choose
  3. Set and forget
  4. Gives your subscribers an opportunity to unsubscribe with one click
  5. Less risk of hackers getting into your email account and spamming your list

Interestingly, you are probably on someone else list – if you have ever given your name and email address to someones website then you are their subscriber.

Having all your subscribers in one place makes things easy and automated

How does it work? Is it easy to set up?

Yes it is. You can manually enter the details of your subscribers or they can do it themselves automatically. The mailerLite team offers great training on how to set up your list. I write the first 5 emails for my team to load up into their account for their subscribers. No one has to be an expert at this. There is a formula to make the most out of having a subscriber list – we’ll talk about that in a different post. For now, jump on over and have a look at mailerLite – create your account with the new gmail account you set up for your business and lets get this party started.

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