What is MONAT Be Balanced Skin Care Doing For My Face

What is MONAT Be Balanced Skin Care Doing For My Face

When the Monat skin care range was launched I thought it was a whole lot of hype. Mostly because I was sour that the hair care didn’t launch in Australia.

Social media was flooded with love for the new range – but I still didn’t believe it – I thought they just wanted to sell more products.

So when my sister in the US said she was gifting me the ‘Be Balanced’ skin care range when it launched I was excited and skeptical at the same time….

I didn’t take my usual ‘before’ photo prior to using the products … because ,,, well,,, at the time I thought –

“As if I’m going to see a difference after just one use!”

Famous last words,,,


And it was so obvious. My skin looked smoother straight the moment I washed off the scrub and pressed on the Skin Revitalizing Essence. I just love the smell of the Essence? Reminiscent of peach – it’s so fresh and so divine I want to drink it lol.

Here’s a breakdown of how I do my daily routine, Of course it is cheaper to buy as a set of 4 (cleanser, essence, nectar and moisturizer) – however each individual product can be purchased separately and I recommend starting with the scrub and completing the routine with the eye smooth.

  1. Twice a week I’ll start with the berry refined scrub. I use this in the shower over my face and décolletage. Every other day I use the Balance Cleanser
  2. After showering – I shake a few drops of the Skin Revitalizing Essence into the palm of my hand, press my hands together and then press over my entire face and décolletage. I allow this to dry somewhat
  3. I use just a half squirt of the Rewind Nectar – a little goes a long way and this half squirt is all that is required to cover the face – a full squirt if you are doing face and décolletage
  4. When I open the eye smooth jar I decided to not use the applicator that comes with it. I feel like I don’t need that much product because it is so concentrated. So I use my ring finger to touch the cream gently – I do not scoop or wipe the cream to get it on my finger. Just a slight touch is all that is required to get the results. Interestingly – even though it is slightly oil based – I haven’t noticed less retention on my eyelash extensions
  5. Smooth the eye cream over the eye lid and under the eye using only the ring finger. If you didn’t already know, the ring finger applies the least amount of pressure than all other fingers – so don’t use anything else around your eyes if you want less lines. The eye roller thing the cream comes with is cute but quite useless and requires extra cleaning and maintenance, I’m busy solo mama so my ringless ring finger is best
  6. Any remaining eye cream can be smoothed around the lip area. People tend to forget the lips – this area is prone to fine line and wrinkles – especially smokers who tend to purse the lips daily – this can create a cats bum effect which can be avoided through 30’s and 40’s with the appropriate facial routine. Always remember your lip outline. The remaining eye smooth on your ring finger is ample – you don’t need to get extra product for your lips.
  7. Now apply your moisturiser. If its day time you will appreciate the coverage of the lightweight moisturiser. If it is evening – use the night cream

This is my routine for all time. I hardly ever use make up because I wake up ready with my microbladed feather brows and eyelash extensions.

Now with this anti-aging skin care range I am constantly getting comments on how great my skin looks. I do still have slightly dark circles under my eyes however I definitely notice the brightening and smoothness of my skin since I started the ‘be balanced’ skin care routine.

I used to look forward to washing my hair – but after a while using MONAT I wash less and less – sometimes only every 4 or 5 days or so – Now, I can look forward to using the skin care range woohooo!! It’s summer so I generally skip the lightweight moisturiser if I cleanse in the morning – however I will always use it after the night cleanse.

To be brutally honest I don’t wash my face twice a day like they recommend – I prefer to use the routine at night for winding down. I love the routine and it has added a moment of self love to my day which I wasn’t at all focused on before. I’m a busy single mama – I feel like all I do each day is make food, wipe bums and pick up toys. Washing my hair was my great escape…!

Now I have 5 minutes a day in front of the mirror where I love myself, I love what I am doing for myself, I am grateful for the process and I walk out of the bathroom feeling calm and collected. It’s the perfect end to a hectic Groundhog Day.

I thought the hair care changed my life, but the launch of this skin care has next leveled me again!!  – not just my face!

Since starting the routine, it’s impacted my life in the most beautiful way I decided to become certified as an beautician so I can offer these anti-aging facial treatments to the wider community.

The topic of this discussion could have been What is MONAT skin care doing for my LIFE ! hahahaa. Because the truth is – this skin care has changed my life for the best

MONAT is not available for sale in my home country Australia so I use product that my sister sent me as a gift. MONAT is an American owned product available for sale and distribution only within US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Poland


Karsha has been in the clean beauty industry since 2001. With a preference for cruelty free, plant based products with NO NASTIES - Karsha is here with the honest truth about what works and what doesn't when it comes to clean beauty and cosmetics. "My all time favourite product for hair and beauty these last 2 years is definitely Monat and I am so excited for it to launch in my home country, Australia"

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