How To Become A Model

How To Become A Model

Portfolio Portfolio !!

All the models working in the industry today have a portfolio. Every job they have ever done is in it. So the best tip for anyone new to the industry who wants to know how to become a model is…. Build Your Portfolio!

The second best tip for anyone who wants to know how to become a model is

Build Your Portfolio !

You can build a portfolio even if you have not had paid work yet.

The easiest thing to do (and I don’t know why everyone isn’t already doing this) is to open google, search for specialized makeup schools in your area and call them to put yourself forward as a model for the students to practice on. Oh my goodness this will get you so much variety for your portfolio!!

Not only that – signing up to makeup schools is the number one most simple and effective way to get your portfolio created for you because believe me, the makeup artist wants the best outcome and they are 111% going to be taking photographs of their work and they are often using professional photographers – you will get copies! You can make sure of this when they book you for a makeup session. The makeup artist is more than willing to share the photos. I’ve been there.

So there’s no doubt that you will get some great photos for the 2 hours you contributed to having your makeup done by a student at a makeup school. They practice on each other to get ideas and unless they bring in their own model: they do the ‘work of art’ finished look on the model they get assigned to them, by the school.

Get in on that action!

Another thing about makeup schools – when you get your makeup done there – you are often sitting in on an assessment session – this means there will be an expert in the room, coaching the students. This will also help build your portfolio of crucial information that agencies want to know about you before they meet you! For example, your undertone! Knowing your undertone means you will know what colours match your skintone – what colour clothes suit you – you’ll even get to know the perfect foundation colour that matches your skin tone. This is very useful information for your portfolio and will bring out the best in your future photography sessions. Do you know your eye shape? You will by the end of your makeup session – just another useful piece of information to add to your portfolio! You’re welcome~ !

More good news!

The products that ‘screen and media’ students have is exceptional. How do I know this. I trained with the best school in Australia and my kit was equipped with the industry’s most reliable makeup brand for long wearing quality makeup that can withstand the hot lights on set – as well as being the most effective products for use in front of the camera.

Some makeup is designed to look good in person. Some of the makeup available for retail contain reflective fragments – often present in setting powders and these can be a photographers worst nightmare, that later turns into an editing nightmare.

Imagine knowing all this important stuff before you even get to your first paid shoot!

Another interesting aspect to this idea of going to a makeup school as a model is:

You are networking just by turning up to the school. They get to know you – they’ll call you more – you could end up with a prize winning look that will give you exposure – or you could potentially be recommended to other paid work just because you turned up on time with a clean face to the assessment shoots –

Everyone teaching at these schools knows someone who could book you. The trainers have been in the industry for years working on film sets and other high profile gigs. Be the one they remember and call for everything! Be the one they want to refer to their industry partners because you are known to be ‘a good model’ to work with.

So here’s your checklist!

‘How To Become a Model’

Start today!!

  1. open google and search for makeup schools in your area
  2. call them and ask to be considered as a model for the ‘diploma of screen and media specialized makeup’ students
  3. email them a selfie – head and shoulders on a timer, one smiling – one not smiling and a side profile
  4. be available to turn up at the last minute – you could get a call on the day
  5. get yourself a cheap diary from the dollar shop or stationary store so you don’t double book yourself
  6. being available at a moments notice means: clean fresh face with no make up on – especially not mascara or any eye makeup. Keep exfoliating once a week and stay well groomed on the days you aren’t going to a shoot – you could get a call
  7. Makeup artists notice clean nails and shaped brows – it makes their job easier and clean hands can add variety to an editorial shoot

What else would you like to know about how to become a model?

Make sure you read ‘What makes a good model’

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll write an article and do a TikTok for you about it !

K love you baii




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