Makeup Tutorial – How To Choose

Makeup Tutorial – How To Choose

If you are wondering how to choose the best makeup tutorial, start with a makeup artist that has had some formal training and creates the looks that you like.

There are so many professional make up artist making videos these days and most of them you can find on youtube. You will also find make up tips and tricks on TikTok, Instagram and facebook. On most of these platforms you can search for makeup tutorial simply by using the hashtag then makeup tutorial in the search bar. Loads of options will come up.

Once you have found an artist you like, you can follow their channel or page and stay tuned to their tutorials.

The best topics to search for will be:

  1. Makeup tutorial foundation application
  2. Makeup tutorial contouring basics
  3. Makeup tutorial face shapes
  4. Makeup tutorial eyes
  5. Makeup tutorial lips

That will be a great start. Also by using the search term of the look you are going for – you will get extremely specific results – for example:

  • Cut crease eye makeup tutorial
  • Smokey eye makeup tutorial
  • Natural Makeup tutorial
  • Glamour night makeup tutorial
  • Yellow Orange makeup tutorial
  • Bride makeup examples

You will get heaps more relevant results when you are specific with what it is that you are looking for. We’d love to hear your ideas for a make up look! Post your inspirations in the comments below !


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