Happy Long Lash

Happy Long Lash

You can easily promote growth for your natural lashes with the daily application of a good Lash Serum. The lash serum we recommend lengthens and strengthens your natural lash while increasing density and retention of your natural lash. The serum is best applied morning and night for 28 days

Your lash health is important. The more lashes you have the fuller your extensions can be. The healthier your lash the more volume you can wear with your extensions.

Let’s talk about lash care and longevity.


Each eye has between 90-120 natural lashes. Always some exceptions – You could have in excess of 150 eyelashes on the upper lid and 70 to 80 eyelashes on the bottom lash line.  Some people have as few as 50 lashes on the lower line and some with 200 plus on their upper lid – everyone is unique.

  • It is natural to shed between 2-5 lashes a day
  • In 1 week its possible to lose 21 lashes
  • By 2 weeks = 42 lost lash
  • By 3 weeks 63 lost and so on


Retention is how long your lashes last – whether it’s the growth cycle of your natural lash or how long the extension lashes – Retention Analysis is the reason your first full appointment is booked 3 weeks from the first day of your full set.

The retention analysis session is discounted – HALF PRICE – That’s 50% off the regular infill price. From here on we get to decide together how regularly you will return.

CLAIM THIS 50% DISCOUNT within 3 weeks of your full set session. 
It’s a 1 hour appointment. We’ll have already caught up before then because I will check in with you and see how you are going so we can assess your retention along the way – your ‘first fill’ appointment is in 3 weeks for 60 minutes.

You can change it to be earlier if you want to – no extra charge xx Anything over 22 days and the discount reduces to 20% off. Anything over 5 weeks is considered a ‘full set’


Wash your lashes 4 times a week with lash cleanser if you wear make up – twice a week if you don’t.

Your After Care Kit is INCLUDED FOR FREE with your first set of lashes YAAAYYYY and can also be purchased subsequently at a discount for VIP’s, like you or used as sweet and thoughtful gift for someone else etc

Avoid oily – cleansers (micellar) , moisturisers – oil based serums – heavy butter moisturisers – these are no good for the morning before your lash session. ‘They say’ using oily products on lashes will break down the glue. In my experience – the products we use in the salon do not effect retention. If anything my retention has been longer when I use the products consistently. Something to consider.

No spa, sauna or heavy sweaty gym workout for the first 24 hours

Don’t everrrrr use eyelash curlers with your extensions

Please don’t use mascara with your lash extensions

No twisting / tweaking / twirling / pulling / peeling or rubbing your lashes

Salt water can break down glue over time so after the beach swim be sure to wash your face. Crying is fine just wash your face afterwards and brush your pretty lashes to fluff them out –

Blot to dry your tears or sweat with a soft tissue or hanky and avoid pulling your lashes or wiping them. Wash them with fresh water at your earliest convenience and blot dry. Use one of our rechargeable mini fans. Fits in your handbag

Remove Eyeliner with a q-tip – preferably lint free or the little fluffs could get caught in your lashes

Remove Eyeshadow powder that falls on the lash during application with a wet spoolie brush – please don’t use mascara to cover the excesss powder. It slides off so easy with your spoolie

Avoid sleeping on your face. I use a side sleeper pillow and eye bra.

Rapid loss (more than 7 lashes lost within 24 hours – let me know!) pleeease check: is the natural lash attached? Keep the lashes if you can so we can look together and come back in for a touch up within 50 hours of getting your first set – FREE of charge. Any discomfort or itching is highly unlikely – regardless – please let me know about it so we can assess the severity.

Puffy eyes this is extremely rare but can happen. It’s an allergic reaction which means a quick trip to the doctor for them to assess and suggest the removal – for allergic reactions we can not remove your lashes legally without the doctors go ahead – we use a removal cream or serum to detach the lashes all in one go – it is a quick and painless process


Brush your pretty lashes! Every morning, not excessively just once down twice up to fluff



  • Mini fan – now available in the salon – fluff your lashes with the rechargeable mini fan. Plugs into a USB port
  • Brush wands – one for the bathroom, one for the car, one for your purse heeeehee
  • Plant based lash and brow serum – Some lash serums on the market include steroids. These products are not recommended if you are wearing lash extensions. Steroids speed up your natural lash cycle and increases shedding –
    Our serum is not steroid based and will not interfere with your lash cycle 
  • nano mister like a diffuser for your face – hydrate the eye area before bed and when you wake up in the morning
  • eye bra – cute eye covers for a restful night sleep. Blocks out the light and protects your lash extensions
  • lash pillows – helps you to sleep on your back
  • eyelashes for your car – sound cute? 😀 They are lol
  • sealant – increase retention between visits – especially if you are going on summer vacation to the beach
  • Gift Vouchers – for lash extensions, beauty services and art work
  • Referral Bonuses – you can score yourself free fills when you refer your friends (so easy to do when you have eyelashes on your car)