Indian Head Massage for hair regrowth

Indian Head Massage for hair regrowth

Indian Head Massage is known world wide to be a worthwhile therapy for the purpose of hair regrowth treatment for men and women. We are born with all the hair follicles we will ever have in our life – however – some of those follicles may be in a dormant phase. Indian Head Massage assists in reactivation of the hair follicles by stimulating circulation in the scalp and neck to promote hair growth

Indian Head Massage – An Ancient Tradition

The ancient practice of Indian Head Massage “Champissage” was developed over 1000 years ago, passed down through families to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well being and connection through family grooming.

Traditionally, Indian Head Massage was performed by women and although it is called ‘head massage’ the treatment is inclusive of the neck, shoulders and face.

Until the early 70’s Indian Head Massage remained a gift to be shared within India alone. It was Narendra Metha who introduced this treatment therapy to the rest of the world – starting in England he offered this therapy as a means of relaxation and well being.

By the early 80’s it was introduced to the UK as a new therapy under the umbrella of alternative medicine at the Mind Body and Spirit exhibition in 1981. 179 stressed out people joined the exhibition to understand the benefits of this holistic treatment introduced by Narendra Metha and needless to say they all left feeling energized, calm and free of stress! The collective evolution and sharing of Indian Head Massage as an alternative therapy began and has been recognized by the western world as a legitimate therapy for stress, fatigue and holistic well being.

Topical Applications As Hair Regrowth Treatment

In the early days, the use of mustard oils and coconut oil were used in conjunction with Indian Head Massage to strengthen and condition the hair. In ancient India, this Ayurvedic practice also incorporated the use of various herbs and botanicals to enhance the healing process. Buttermilk and oils of coconut, almond, olive are the traditionally used oils as well as other essential oils to activate follicles and promote healthy circulation.

These days the treatment is offered with or without the application of oils and is acknowledged in the western world as a genuine treatment for hair growth.

The Ayruvedic System

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayus – Life and Veda – Knowledge

The Ayurvedic system is an ancient system based on fundamentals that are essentially true for all times. They do not change from age to age and are based on intrinsic causes. The origin of Ayurveda is attributed to AtharvaVeda where there is mention of various diseases and their treatments. This ancient scripture contains 114 hymns of healing.

The Ayurvedic science takes the physical, mental and spiritual life forms into account to detect and treat the illness.

A Holistic Therapy

Ayurveda encourages healthy lifestyle changes using holistic therapies and remedies encompassing the science of the 8 components:

  • Kaya Chikitsa – general medicine covering all aspects of the human body
  • Kaumara-bhrtya – pediatric medicine for treating the children
  • Shalya Tantra – surgery and removal of substances effecting the body
  • Salakya Tantra – Treatment of the eye (ophthalmology)
  • Bhuta Vidya – treatment of undefined invisible symptoms / mental disorders / past trauma
  • Agada Tantra – treatment of poisoning with antidotes
  • Rasayana Tantra – Lengthening of lifespan and natural rejuvenation of the skin and medicine preparations / alchemy / elixirs
  • Vajikarana Tantra – Sexual Health and Reproduction (aphrodisiacs)

The Science Of Ayruveda

Using the science of Ayruveda the body is viewed as a mini universe containing the 5 great elements known as Pancha Mahabhutas: Earth – Prithvi / Air – Vayu / Water – Jala / Fire – Agni / Ether – Akasha

These great elements collectively form the 3 humors of the body, otherwise known as Dosha. Dosha can be described in with these terms and characteristics:

Kapha – Phlegm / watery / slow / fatigue
Vata – Wind / Gas / Stress / Anxiety
Pita – Metabolism / Bile / Digestion

Knowing the Doshas allows us a greater understanding of ourselves and our clients based on what is arising or may arise when we identify with a particular Dosha.

As an individual we can be classified as one or multiple Dosha in combination. Knowing these Dosha and their characteristics can assist in determining our predisposition to certain illnesses or disease.

Who Can Benefit From Indian Head Massage?

Men, Women and children can all benefit from Indian Head Massage. This treatment is great for the feeling of calm and relaxation so children can benefit most from IHM as they lay down to sleep.

Adults with blood pressure abnormalities should advise the therapist before IHM. Less pressure will be applied to the scalp to avoid any dizzy feeling that may arise from rapid change in the circulation of blood around the head.

The client should also advise of any allergies to nuts or seeds so the correct oil can be used. In the case of nut allergy, a grape seed oil is a healthy replacement to sweet almond oil.

A client will also let the therapist know of any other allergy or illness that effects them – especially if essential oils are to be used during the treatment.

Where To Get Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is not as common as other massage treatments so finding a good therapist may not be easy. You can search the google machine to see where your closest therapist is – however – everyone does it a little bit different so you will do your research to discover if your therapist is a hair regrowth treatment expert.

In the case there is no therapist in your area, we offer a fly in fly out treatment for your holistic care. Hair regrowth is our specialty so we combine the use of wash with varying water temperature to boost circulation.

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Please message Karsha directly for more information about fly in fly out packages available to you – Karsha will come to you or alternatively you can request availability to fly to her location for a stay package. We can arrange your accommodation and touring options for a 2 week (or longer) stay where you will experience IHM once or twice daily



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