Natural Beauty Product Samples

Natural Beauty Product Samples

We’re looking for natural beauty product sample testers in US, Canada and the UK.

You can register for the MONAT hair care samples or the MONAT skin care samples by following any of the links below




If you are unsure which product you want to choose – feel free to contact me directly to do a personal analysis of your needs – or – if you are feeling antisocial (or spontaneous) do the beauty quiz and then order a system close to your results. When you order full size product means you get way more goes out of it and you can return it if you don’t love it – get your money back. When you order samples you will get at least 2 opportunities from each packet – (minimum of 3 out of the Rejuvenique Oil aka Unicorn Tears aka Liquid Gold aka Fixes Everything) So let’s go!

Basically – when it comes to HAIR –

fine, think or limp hair – VOLUME SYSTEM
curly rebellious super dry – NOURISH SYSTEM


Sensitive? Choose GENTLE
Combination? Choose BALANCED

in between? either. That’s the point of samples. Try before you buy. Did I mention that if you just order the full size product you can return it if you don’t love it? #nothingtolose

Once you have completed the beauty quiz or claimed your free product samples – (make sure you include your phone number and download WhatsApp if you haven’t already) I will be in touch by WhatsApp voice mail (you can laugh at my Australian accent) or email – whichever is more convenient or amusing for you.

You can feel free to respond to the email that you receive from Adam Scott Miller (yes the famous artist) orrrrrr you can email me (Karsha) and we can bounce your next step. Get your before photos now before your samples arrive.

I’ll eventually include a quick example of how to get a before photo on the blog and link it to this post-

We run competitions in our facebook group for the most dramatic results after just 1 sample.

Great prizes !! Styling tools, free product, other cool stuff –