Why Are Your Eyelash Extensions Uncomfortable

When you are new to eyelash extensions it’s a completely new sensation. A fresh full set of lashes is a great feeling – here are some of the feelings that could come over you when you get your first full set of lashes.

  • can take on the world
  • how did I live my life without these
  • may as well book every 3 weeks for the next year to make sure I get my appointment

Depending on how much experience your technician has – you may feel one, none or all of these sensations.

  • wants to blink harder
  • wants to rub eyes with fists like a toddler
  • gravel type feeling when blinking hard
  • gravel type feeling when blinking in general
  • itchy
  • painful sensation like pulling

Even the most talented lash artist in the world will still give you a sticky. She didn’t mean it – it happens to the best of us. How do I know? Because I did my research and selected the best lash artist in my region to do my lashes. While the sets are 100% comfortable 98% of the time – the 2% in the last 2 years have been when there was a touch much glue on a couple of lashes or a couple of stickies.

So what’s happening on your face when there are these sensations going on.

Gravel Sensation: This can feel like sand between the lashes when blinking hard and is mainly due to the amount glue that the lash picks up when your artist dips the lash or fan into the glue drop before holding it onto your single isolated eyelash to create the extension. Too much glue can mean it dries in a clumpy way – like a grain of sand instead of the glue distributing evenly across the entire natural lash to create the strongest adhesion with the largest surface area

Excess glue can also take longer to dry and might pick up another natural lash when the artist releases the isolated lash – and this creates a sticky.

Stickies can feel painful like the lashes are pulling. Believe it or not they can correct themselves so please don’t pull them out. The sticky occurs when 2 of your natural lashes adhere to one single lash extension. When the lash artist isolates one single lash with the tweezers, sometimes another lash can jump across and adhere themselves to the extension. This can be noticeable straight away – especially if the lash artist adhered more than 2 natural lashes to the one extension – the more natural lashes that are stuck together, the more uncomfortable it can be – not to mention detrimental to your natural lash volume. Click to read more about stickies.

Itchy happens when the skin around the lash follicle is dry or dirty. You could expect some slight itchiness in drier weather and can soothe with a thin smear of fresh Aloe Vera or a reputable lash serum.

If you wear make up you will notice itchy sensations when the make up builds up around the base of the lash. Don’t use micellar water this will dislodge your lashes – you want to use an oil free make up remover with a lash wash afterwards.

Rubbing Eyes is a big no no. You might be temped to do it because it is a natural human instinct to make sure our eyes are free of debris and the the first month, when you forget you’re wearing extensions – you may catch yourself rubbing your eyes – this dislodges the extension and can cause it to release earlier than you want – we call that short retention

When the lashes have grown out extra long you may feel the glue. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does you might feel like you want to Blink Hard because your brain gets fixated on a teeny tiny little thing that feels annoying. Believe me – it is really annoying. The excess grow out can occur if you leave it way too long between fills or if your lash artist doesn’t remove the outgrown extensions from your natural lash to add a fresh lash.



You can see why I did my research! I’ve experienced a few different lash artists and I’m lucky I found who I see now. She lives in the city closest to my mountain town and I travel 100 minutes to get to her every 4 weeks and 100 minutes home – because she is the best. I book my appointments a year in advance for the same reason. She’s the best.





is comfortable Tired eyes, Dry skin,,, crying and excess glue are all potential reasons your eyelash extensions may be uncomfortable.


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