shat’s a sticky lash extension?

shat’s a sticky lash extension?

Stickies can feel painful like the lashes are pulling in a strange way. It can also feel like when you have worn your hair in a tight pony for too long and it hurts when you take it out and tousel the hair. Another simialr sensation is whne you are used to parting your hair a certain way and you flick it over to the other side and the original parting point hurts a bit…

Believe it or not – a sticky can correct itself so please don’t pull it out!

The sticky occurs when 2 of your natural lashes adhere to one single lash extension. When the lash artist isolates a single lash with the tweezers, sometimes another lash can jump across to the isolated lash like a little magnet and adhere itself to the extension. This can be noticeable straight away to the wearer – especially if the lash artist adhered more than 2 natural lashes to the one extension – the more natural lashes that are stuck together, the more uncomfortable it can be – not to mention detrimental to your natural lash volume.

The painful part happens when the lashes begin to grow out at different rates. Read more about the lash life cycle here. There are 3 different stages your lash could be in. Baby lash, Adolescent lash and Adult lash. Baby lash doesn’t usually get a fan or extension because baby is too tiny to hold it. Anything larger than a baby lash will get an extension. Sometimes baby lash can spring across and adhere to the lash beside it – or sometimes the lash artist might need glasses and didn’t see a baby lash chillin right there beside a big mama lash and nek minit they are all fused together on the one extension. Might not notice for a couple of weeks, might not notice at all… You will definitely notice when the lashes grow out at their different rates.

Baby lash grows much faster than adult lash. So the pressure created when baby lash is growing like a little rocket – and it starts to pull the mama lash from her follicle. This is the hurty bit… Then, when mama lash lets go and pops her follicle, there is some relief. However – because mama lash was the main platform for the extension to adhere to – baby lash is still attached at the follicle holding the extension and the mama lash at the same time! This can be uncomfortable and it can look noticable particularly if your sun moon or venus is in virgo. It can look a bit scruffy to the trained lash artist.

As the wearer – you can identify a sticky that let go when you see what looks like a loose lash or fan that appears to have released itself completely and is just ‘sitting on top’ of the other lashes – under closer inspection though – the wearer can now see that little lash is still attached to something! Can’t quite see what – but what to do! By this time it could be hanging in front of the eyes  or sticking up in a weird way. There’s a simple fix by rolling it back into the mix with your spoolie brush – I’ve made a video for you about that here. Please don’t pull it out! Pulling lashes out can be detrimental to the health and volume of your lashes.


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