What Are Eyelash Extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

What’s all the names mean? Classic, Hybrid, Russian Volume…?

There are different looks that can be achieved and different applications.

Classic is one single lash attached to your natural lash. It is a very natural look. Longer than your natural lashes of course, doesn’t look fake at all

Hybrid is when there are some small fans are attached to natural lash as well as classics. Generally it is a mix that looks natural, just a little more density than your usual lash look. It looks like you have more lashes, they are longer than your natural lash

Russian Volume These volume lashes are high density almost fluffy looking lashes with a ‘strip lash’ vibe. They are thick and full and black and can have various looks. Doll eye, cat eye etc.  Russian volume is specialised. Don’t get Russians with a tech that hasn’t been trained. Creating the fans is tedious work – you want a fine artist to do this for you. Sometime a fan has 3, 5 up to 10 lashes in a little fan so you want to make sure the tech is trained so they know the calculations of what weight your natural lash can handle. Don’t muck around with cheap Russian sets. They are cheap because the tech is probably not doing a true wrap around the lash – this is when the fan is made on the spot – moments before they wiggle it onto your lash for the ultimate bonding. I like Russian volume and my gal makes glorious fans on the spot.

Fans that are ‘premade’ are called either premade fans or crystallised fans. Hybrid sets are generally premade fans of 3 lashes. they are scattered through the lash line for a natural look. Premade fans don’t stick to the natural lash as well as a Russian wrap. However an accurate placement of a premade fan will last when the technician knows what they are doing.

Some premade fans are glue bonded, others heat bonded. They all have a different feel and retention.

Glamour / Goddess / Wispy etc – some techs make up different names for their lash sets to make it look like they offer something unique when really it comes down to training and experience. The names are generally referring to the final look – this comes down to mapping. A lash map is the lengths of lashes used in the order they are placed. A good tech will make note of your lash map starting off small in the corner and progressing longer, then smaller in the outer corner to give the eye more lift. Long outer corners give the eye a droopy effect.

Always ask for the artists certification to ensure they are doing all the things to benefit your lash health and sterilisation requirements


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