BAD NEWS ABOUT Eyelash Extensions

BAD NEWS ABOUT Eyelash Extensions

Recently one of my acquaintances in the UK did eyelash extensions as a gift for her cousin during the Christmas Vacation 2019. Her cousin still goes to high school and was due to go back the following week – when she returned to the school – there was a new teacher who made her RIP OFF HER EYELASH EXTENSIONS.

First of all, to be completely forward and reasonable –

This is abuse.


  • The client was 16 years of age
  • Had parent consent to have the extensions applied
  • Wasn’t allowed to leave the school office until the lashes were removed
  • Was forced to tear her eyelashes out one by one
  • This was a classic set of extensions – one lash on each lash – looks very natural but they were slightly longer than her natural lashes
  • Lashes are only ever 3mm (max) longer than the natural lash or they can be too heavy for the natural lash
  • This student had worn lashes to school previously

If you are getting lashes for your daughter for her 16th birthday or for Christmas – check with the school about their rules and policy about it. Some schools say no make up – effectively this is not classed as make up – yet inexperienced or people who aren’t knowledgeable could suggest they are strip lashes and expect they can be just ‘ripped off’


No no no NO NOOOOO just NO.

Do not ever everrrr EVER rip out your eyelash extensions

Not only will you compromise your natural lashes (for life) but it hurts like hell and your eyes will swell up, they could get puffy and it’s highly likely you could get an infection – you are not ever meant to rip out your lashes. They are there for protection to your eye. Please do not pull out your eyelashes.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated case. Within my lash community network word wide – I have also heard of employers who suggest that their hardworking staff have lashes that are ‘a bit over the top’ or ‘too long for work’ or ‘customers have complained about your lashes’

This is absurd

Quite frankly, not only is it absurd – it is discrimination. Would a man lose a job over a moustache? Would a woman be reprimanded on her breast size? In the instances of lash complaints I have been privy to thanks to my network — these employees had their lashes before they got their job  – so for management to suggest the employee should ‘make adjustments’ to their appearance is unreasonable and discrimination. They were hired with their lashes, let the lady wear her lashes!

Most often – eyelash length isn’t a clause within any contract for as long as Ive been a manager in other corporate industries – nor have I seen them mentioned in any grooming section of an employment manual. If facial piercings are allowed – tattoos on arms are allowed – why not lash extensions?

I could understand if a kitchen wouldn’t allow a chef to wear eyelash extensions incase one falls into someones dinner – FOR REAL – we loose 4-6 lashes a day naturally – so this is the industry I would agree that lashes aren’t suitable – but everyone loose eyelashes. Have you ever found a lash in your sandwich? Perhaps surgeons wouldn’t wear them either – although I’ve heard of worse things  being stitched into peoples bodies when a surgery goes wrong – gauze – tweezers –

I’ve recently learned a nursing school doesn’t allow long extensions but will allow short classics.

Do you have lash extensions?

Has anyone ever complained about them and please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong about your staff manual not having a clause about the length of your eyelashes in the comments below.  Have you ever been discriminated about your personal appearance? I would love to know more about this ! I’m here for you and your cute head, let’s connect – Love Karsha xx


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